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Ranma12236d ago (Edited 2236d ago )


Square Enix redeems itself. I will buy this even if I have to sell my legs and one of my arms

Sony won E3 hands down

UnSelf2236d ago

i cannot believe this is happening.

mikeslemonade2236d ago (Edited 2236d ago )

lol for once those DREAM LISTS were right..

FF7 Remake
Last Guardian

Would have been happy if one was here, but all 3..? Come on this just laughable on how good this is.

Lightning Mr Bubbles2236d ago

What does first on PS4 mean? Is it timed exclusive?

Anarki2236d ago

The only way this E3 could be better woudl be if they shown KH3 also, but I think my mind is not ready for that just yet after FF7 remake announcement!

Saigon2236d ago (Edited 2236d ago )

Well, people asked for the games and they are showing them. The New IPs look good, every game Sony has showed so far looks good. With MS showing a great show as well, this maybe the best E3 in a long time. Meaning, every company across the board hit the bullseye.

Dasteru2236d ago

If only they had announced Legend of Dragoon 2 and Dark Cloud 3. It would have been the most epic E3 ever and probably never to be surpassed.

lastdual2236d ago

I just hope this plays like FFVII, turn-based combat and all. Modernize the graphics, but not the core gameplay please.

GhostTurtle2236d ago

Sony trying to unleash a global heart attack. Thats how I felt atleast after Shenmue 3. "WTF is going on? Am I still alive?". rofl

indyman77772236d ago

Me either pinch me! I cant wait to cast cosmos on you for a minute and fifty one seconds before the final explosion is complete! If I did not already own a PS4 I would buy one just for this game. Plus when this comes out I will get the UN65JS9500 Samsung curved flagship 4k tv before I even plug this prepurchase in.

darthawesome902236d ago (Edited 2236d ago )

Hopefully they will add Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core as an end game+ option.
Since Crisis Core is a prequel and uses many of the same areas it shouldn't be that hard to add.

Gazondaily2236d ago

I fell asleep!! Bloody EA conference. I can't believe what I'm reading!

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nicksetzer12236d ago

I still want to know what first on PS4 means. It used to be exclusive but now that it is a remake is it multiplat and just timed?

raWfodog2236d ago

More than likely timed, great news either way. I will definitely be getting this. My all-time favorite (and first) FF :)

Corpser2236d ago

It wasn't exclusive it was on PC as well

Becuzisaid2236d ago

It is multiplat but will be timed exclusive to ps4

Ranma12236d ago (Edited 2236d ago )

I dont care if its on xb1. a true ff fan wouldn't

I used to be a sony fanboy. Get both consoles, you will be happier.

But i thought sony had exclusive rights to ff7 as they paid $100 million for its advertising and 100% of its development costs. If that is true, Square Enix shouldn't fu*k Sony over.

GenuineGamer2236d ago

It sounds a lot like the exclusive deal MS have with Tomb Raider.

I am so happy this game is being made i don't care what platforms its on as long as i get to play it.

ZeroX98762236d ago

So Xbox gets tomb raider and PS4 gets FF7 early..... fair enough :)

DragonKnight2236d ago

I know someone who was so salty, so damn butthurt over "first" that he literally said he'd rather it not happen at all than go to Xbox One.

And I'm like, who the **** cares if it's going to Xbox One. The game we've been begging for is happening. And when it was announced, I lost my mind. Best E3 ever.

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ShinMaster2236d ago

FF7 was first on PS1. Then came to PC.

FF7 Remake will be first on PS4. Then will come to PC.

GameSpawn2236d ago

PS4 and PC like everyone has said. Sony does own a majority of rights over the IP due to being the initial financier and publisher, but Square still has the freedom to create a PC port much like they did in the past. Xbox is very unlikely as Sony still has a stranglehold on the FF7 franchise and its characters.

El_Assenso2235d ago

Yep i think it will definitely come on PS4 first like they stated and later on PC just like the original Final Fantasy 7 did.

I am also pretty sure Sony and Square jointly published the game on PS1 so Sony does hold the console publishing rights to the game and there is no way in hell they'd lose that!

The PC version was published jointly by Square and Edios (correct me if I am wrong please).

I just hope all they do is redo the graphics, add in bits they cut out and leave the same combat, and materia system. I'd be super pissed if they changed ANY gameplay.

GameSpawn2235d ago


Square only published the original in Japan. SCE (Sony Computer Entertainment) published the game in Europe and North America. Square-Enix is listed for the republish of the PSN version worldwide. Eidos did the PC port back in '98 & Square-Enix again did the republish (2012) of the PC version through Steam and their own digital store.

andibandit2235d ago

I think it just means first on ps4.
If the gamw was only releasing on ps4 and pc, im pretty sure they wouldve used the term
Console exclusive

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BlackWolf122236d ago

Let's wait until we see if anything is being totally changed or removed from the game, before saying that they have redeemed themselves.

raWfodog2236d ago

Man they better not mess wit a my pitchfork ready :)

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slappy5082236d ago

Shenmue, Final fantasy and the last Guardian.. I just died and went to nerd heaven!

rainslacker2236d ago (Edited 2236d ago )

People went crazy at the theaters for the E3 experience when that Buster Sword showed up at the end. Standing ovations and everything. Hype was building with the toy sword near the beginning. Was awesome. Most excited I've ever been for a game on it's teaser announcement. Also what a troll before they showed it with Worlds of Final Fantasy. lol

Have to say this is Sony's best E3 conference in over a decade. Just wow.

Can't wait to see Cloud in drag.:)


Wouldn't doubt KH3 makes it to SE conference tomorrow.

AceofStaves2235d ago

Time to see Cloud and Barrett go on the Gold Saucer date in all its awkward glory. lmao

NikX2235d ago

Then how can you play this game if you don't have both your arms? Lol just messing with ya! But damn we've all been waiting for this! Let's just hope they won't take too long to release this game like what's going on with Final Fantasy XV (which I hope comes out late this year or early next year).

VerdicLinwe2235d ago

HOld onto your pants there bud. They announced it. Need I point out how long it is taking them to finish FFXV?

Taero2235d ago

People asking what first on PS4 means, it probably means that it will be coming out on PC as well, remember the earlier FF games also came out on PC (I played VIII on it).

bennissimo2235d ago

For my money, I count the same number of must-have exclusives for XB and PS.

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Jedislayer2236d ago


Summons752236d ago

Wow....I can't believe they gave in. Final Fantasy 6 next please!!!

ShinMaster2236d ago

Right? 6, 4 and 9 next please!

Summons752235d ago

Let's get some 5 and 8 in there as well!

rainslacker2236d ago

No kidding. Bethesda set the bar high. MS dropped a couple good announcements, haven't seen EA's conference, but Sony knocked it out of the park. I'm surprised they spent so little time on Morpheus and their media options. Probably less than 5 minutes combined. Were quite a few jeers over the PSVue thing, then they said you could get your channels a la carte, and that turned things around real quick. Cable companies better take note, because that's gonna hurt them bad.

TheFirstClassic2236d ago

I mean, Last Guardian, ff vii remake, and shenmue 3 in one conference? Holy crap.

DragonKnight2236d ago

EA's conference sucked. You missed nothing of importance. Ok, maybe Battlefront, but other than that EA has the most lackluster conference so far.