Space siege demo comig in four days

Nvidia owned site nzone announces that demo of Space siege, new game by Chris Taylor (maker of Dungeon siege and Supreme commander), will be available in 4 days 1 hour.

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Dlacy13g3765d ago

Having played Dungeon Siege and seeing how Space Siege seems to one game series I would like to see make the jump to consoles. It seems like it would be a fairly easy jump to given how it controls, etc.

I dont usually want to see most PC RPG games come to consoles as most I feel would suffer greatly, but this series just seems like a natural fit.

Topshelfcheese3765d ago

I can't wait to try the demo, I'm going to need a new computer soon ;)

CrizzleC243765d ago

The moderators who approved this must have been sleepy when they read this (or maybe they didnt care, who knows?)