Everything you wanted to know about the Project Abraham ARG

Sarcastic Gamer Writes: "Hmmm, I thought I got a curious spam e-mail about half an hour ago, subject T-E-L-E-C-O-R-R-E-S-P-O-N-D-E-N-C-E. I very nearly deleted it too, until I got a little peek inside.

What I'd really received was the next stage in the Resistance 2 viral campaign, stretched across two websites titled Get A War Job and Project Abraham. For the uninitiated, So far we've seen a few viral videos featuring the Starbuck chick from Battlestar Galactica in an advanced US military research center, apparently dealing with the Chimera virus which decimated Europe in the original Resistance: Fall of Man."

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FPS nut3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

Damn it, the way the title broke off made me think this was about Project Origin, but at least is some news about Resistance 2 (been dry today)

Blackmoses3828d ago

I received that very same email just this morning...


fafoon3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

Is that the Bots just don't get it
Their attention span and basic IQ are not on the same level as a PS3 owner
Unless a game is Advertised on the side of shake from BotBurger
Viral videos like this are way over their head