Dyack: Xbox 360 is Very Powerful

"TGR was lucky enough to have an interview with CEO of Silicon Knights Denis Dyack to talk about upcoming Xbox 360 exclusive Too Human. Since this is Silicon Knights' first game for Xbox 360, we thought it would be good to ask Dyack how the experience has been and his overall thoughts on the console"

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cain1413742d ago

As is the PS3. Each console has strengths and weaknesses. None are perfect.

Funky Town_TX3742d ago

fanboy dev I hate them. This is almost as bad as Kojima. Too human is garbage (my demo impressions) and it should be delayed. "Powerful" is all based on what that person's perception is.

Honeal2g3742d ago

Then yea its powerful.....seriously that demo was $h1t, this guy should never be allowed to make games... omg that demo was terrible should have been made for the Wii. ahh that felt good infact i would purchase Haze(if i owned a ps3) over this garbage.

/end Rant

BattleAxe3742d ago

Seeing as how Too Human will probably flop, anything that comes out of Dyacks mouth is really meaningless.

ChampIDC3742d ago

Bubbles for you cain141. You're one of few unbiased people on this site. It's true. Both consoles have their advantages and disadvantages. I made my console choice (can only afford 1) on game selection, which is in the favor of the 360 for me. Now, I'm not saying that PS3 doesn't have a lot of good games, but the 360 has more of my types of games. I have no bias based on the consoles themselves.

Honestly, I can't tell the difference between the two graphically. As long as the gameplay in a game is good, I'm more than happy.

NO_PUDding3742d ago

I am sure it is powerful, just in comparison to what?

cain1413742d ago


I had to do the same thing. If I could afford all three I would, but as I'm still in college, I don't have a huge budget.

I plan on picking up a PS3 this year, but until then I've still only got a 360...

Monchichi0253742d ago

This weekend Snoop Dog came was in RI for a concert in MA and I got the pleasure to meet him as I was one of the promoters for the concert. On the way to the hotel I got into the conversation about gaming and it turns out he's a HUGE 360 fanboy! LOL He even actually called the hotel, (Crown Plaza) and made sure they had a LCD and a 360 turned on and waiting for him for when he got to his room.

I also got his gamertag but, I won't be sharing it. LOL

But anyways, back to the topic. I think both the 360 and the PS3 have proven they are both strong systems.

ChampIDC3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

Yeah, I'd love to pick up a PS3 myself, but at the moment, college makes me poor. I'd really like to play some of the exclusives, and I have no friends that have a PS3.

That's freaking awesome, haha. I envy you. I think I heard once that he's a big fan of 360, but I don't recall where.

CaptainHowdy3742d ago

Snoop's a notorious pot-head. Of course he loves 360! i feel bad for his 360's fan

Highwayman3742d ago

Aww..are the little fanboys upset?

Milky3742d ago

Hey Dyack, wanna lick my balls too ?

xm15e2s3742d ago

Gotta laugh at the people below that are calling Too Human garbage. As much as you would like it to be the 360's "Haze", it isn't.

Many of us love the demo and can't wait for the full game to get released.

Cherchez La Ghost3742d ago

You hit the head of the nail with the hammer. Both the PS3 & 360 are great consoles. Both have strengths & weaknesses.

dantesparda3741d ago

I havent seen Funky Town X or Honeal2g in a long time, but yeah to have to have these old timer (as in been on this site for a while) 360 fans (I'll be nice) tell you that Too Human sucks, should tell you something. The demo does suck, i dont know how anybody could like it. Im sorry but i thought that game was straight up garbage! Looks bad, plays bad, horrible camera and this is coming from somebody who used to like SK from the Eternal Darkness days.

But to XM, no, Haze was "bland", very bland, vanilla i would say. That's what made it suck. But Too Human is just plain bad, really bad, sorry

N4g_null3741d ago

@joe382 bad question because your balls surely can not render one single polygon. This guy only licks powerful balls from what I read above. Good for him bad for you. Man there are so many fanboy developers though. I guess it helps some times though making console games is like pulling teeth for fun!

The Dark Knight3741d ago

cause it is. Its just the ps3 is more powerful there both powerful

RemmM3741d ago

The Wii is just a GameCube x2. But the Wii is more focused on its controller, cheap price, innovation with games and such. PS3 and 360 are both great powerful systems, nuph sed. XD

xm15e2s3741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

dantesparda, I don't care if Too Human makes you cry when you play it, myself and MANY others love the game. Not because we are "fanboys", but because we love the demo.

Of course not everyone is going to like it (just like not everyone likes Halo) but for those of us who do, we are very amped up for the game.
People telling me how much the game sucks will not make me enjoy it any less.

I suspect that once Too Human is released and people begin to appreciate it's depth, the reviews will be very positive.

I also suspect that much of the negative press surrounding this game is coming from journalists who have an issue with Denis Dyack, not Too Human. ; )

Time_Is_On_My_Side3741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

Hideo Kojima has made games for all platforms like the Saga Saturn, the Game Boy Advanced, and the XBOX.

jmorph93741d ago

I'd talk up the console too.

1) It makes the people who own the console think it is optimized for just their console.
2) It indirectly talks up their game by talking up the console
3) The only people you piss off can't buy your game anyways.

Why not talk up the console? Worked great for MGS4.

3741d ago
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ToastyMcNibbles3742d ago

news flash! a 360 developer says xbox 360 is powerful! oh! breaking news! a ps3 developer says ps3 is powerful! hmmmmm

Sega Saturn3742d ago

The 360 is the most powerful console!

Jandre023742d ago

Says one of the 48 people who bought a sega saturn.

Wildarmsjecht3742d ago


That was just mean, but hilarious. Kudos man LOL. bubs

ChampIDC3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

From what I've seen, a lot of the power of a console is how well a game is developed for it. You can make a game for PS3 that looks like a Wii game. A lot of it comes down to the developers. Yes, the PS3 does actually have more physical power, but it's also been said that it's hard to learn to develop on it, which I know has hindered a lot of games early on. The 360, on the other hand, is pretty standard to develop for, taking some strain off development. It all comes down to one question. How dedicated are the developers? In the end, the PS3 can definitely put out a little more than the 360, but that comes at the tradeoff of a high learning curve.

Personally, I couldn't care less which console is more powerful as long as the games stay fun. The difference in graphics is neglectable if you ask me.

JBaby3433742d ago

Freakin hilarious. LOL too funny.

jlemdon3741d ago

we all know the saturn was better for fighting games than Ps1.

but I had both so I didn't care.:P

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Poor Xbots3742d ago

Poor Xbots

Poor Xbots, the 360 is very powerfull??? Poor Xbots, that's bad use of sarcasm. Poor Xbots, the worlds fastest computer is running from a PS3 engine.

Poor Xbots

Phil Collins3742d ago

FF13 is gone now all the sheep flock to a "unknown project" as their savior. Lets face it, ps3 is mostly talk and little walk.

It's 2008 and they're still trying to mimmick features the 360 has had since 05.

Too Human will be a Solid Title, but nothing mind blowing. But the power of the 360 is allowing bezerkers to summon giant friggin bears.

Nuff said!

ravinshield3742d ago

you sound and write like a dumb a$$ 1 grader

zapass3742d ago

yeah, he's got LOSER written all over his face XD
it's something all xbots have in common.

Too Boooooooooring FTL

morganfell3742d ago

Well that settles it. Dyack says the 360 is powerful. But he also said the PS3 is more powerful than the 360.

So that means while the 360 is powerful the PS3 is uberpowerful. Case closed.

Pain3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )


.......Smell that?

jcfilth3742d ago

"Dyack: Xbox 360 is Very Powerful"

those words coming from the dev of a game many people said already flopped.

Very smart guy!! and of course now, no matter how bad or boring the game is, all the xbots will buy it.

I wonder what this guy would say if he worked on the PS3.

Homicide3742d ago

The 360 is very powerful that it could make Ninja Gaiden run 540p @ 20fps.

Mr Fancy Pants3742d ago

the difference between is that MGS4 it is an already proven game. what the heck it is too human anyway?

Kojima >>>>>> Dyack or whatever he is called.

on top of that he said: "I really like the 360. I think it’s a great console", great means "good"

monster machine means "a freaking monster machine man!". ;-)

monster >>> great > good

syanara3741d ago

this guys view of powerful depends on what he thinks piowerful is if hes used to snes games then yea the 360 is powerful but if hes used to ps3 games no its not powerful personally I think that the 360 WAS a good console but its going out of style and there is too many xbox fanboys that just want to keep holding on. stubborness is one thing that relally fuels this console war and its too bad that people hate to change their opinions espically in the console wars.

the 360 is fighting an uphill battle where things are only gonna get worse for them. as sony releases all their games that are comming in the fall and through to 09 I think the 360 is gonna need some more exclusives to keep their feet. they didn't announce any at E3 I mean if the 360 is all about games then why aside from FFXIII is their beggiset news netflix. I saw mostly multi-platform games that they were showing off. Gears 2 looked great as did Fable 2 but then again so did resistance 2, quest for booty, LBP, and KZ2. MAG also seems interesting along with infamous and God of War 3. so In other words mcrosoft's money throwing strategy isnt really working all that well and having GTA IV DLC isnt gonna help them since GTA IV is already out of style with most gamers. I feel that sony has a bright future ahead of them.

Too everyone who says sony is all talk and no walk, well remember sony hasnt said much about release dates, they talked about alot of things they are dong but they never mentioned any release dates on most of these things I mean Home they said is comming in fall and was pushed back one and with all the speculation and rumors that are denied many people think sony is saying all this stuff when its not them its the people who are spreading the rumors.

Just keep that in mind ;)

3741d ago
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Stryfeno13742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

The Wii is sales.

Edit: oops...I was typing a longer reponse, but decided to delete it and keep it simple.

Kyur4ThePain3742d ago

But what the h3ll is going on with our edumacation system?
"Sell" is a verb, not a noun (well, it could be used as a noun, but not in this context).
You want "sales".

BattleAxe3742d ago

yeah, the Wii has the power to put smiles on peoples faces according to Reggie Fils Aime.

ChampIDC3742d ago

Yarr, Nintendo be smile pirates!

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