Is Splatoon a System Seller?

Dan and joe discuss and review Nintendo's Splatoon. (Spoilers) Splatoon earns a 8.7 out of 10 or 4 and half stars out of 5. Definitely worth that 60 buck price tag.

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Poli_Games1585d ago

I agree! The game is so great, that it is hard to put down. I personally don't own a wiiU, I used my brothers to review the game. After this review I ordered a wiiU for myself. That is how great this game is.
It is so refreshing to have a 3rd person shooter that isn't about chainsawing people in half and blood and guts exploding all over the place. It's beautiful, colorful, and Judd the cat. Do I need to say more?

MNGamer-N1585d ago

Game is so much fun! Are they planning on adding a better leveling system later? I'm at 20, and so is everyone else already.

wonderfulmonkeyman1584d ago

We don't know, but it can't hurt to put your ideas up on the Miiverse page for the game.
It'll be the fastest way to get them to notice, especially if you gather an enormous amount of Yeahs.

Nevers0ft1584d ago

I didn't think it was a system seller (despite it being a great game, it IS a new IP) but I've seen it happen first hand. A friend who had been resisting his kids who wanted a Wii U for Mario Kart happened to play a few hours of Splatoon with me last night... Today he bought a Wii U with MK8 and Splatoon. Now, who do I call at Nintendo for my commission? :)