8-Bit Mega Man: Good or Bad Idea?

In a bizarre move, Capcom is going to be publishing Mega Man 9 in 8-bits this September. Is it a problem, or is it genius shrouded in mystery? Are they out to prove something to someone? Who knows. But this feature explores the bold move, and discusses what good could come out of creating an 8-bit game in a time when high fidelity graphics are seemingly the "right" way of making a game. But what is the "right" way? Look at the Wii...

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Alexander Roy3766d ago

I don't really care about the 8-Bit style, I think it's pretty cool, but the MegaMan 7&Bass/8 look would have done it for me as well.
What I really dislike is that they took out sliding and charging...

dachiefsman3766d ago

they should have just gave it a graphical upgrade like the did with the new Bionic Commando <XBLA game>. I am still a fan, but hopefully its not to overly difficult.

ItsDubC3766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )

Neither. It's an awesome idea. Leave it to Capcom to go against the grain and create something new (in this day and age) w/ some major oldschool flair.

AnthonyPerez3766d ago

By saying it's a awesome doesn't that kind of go against your statement of "neither." It's not "neither" then, it's a good idea.

ItsDubC3766d ago

It's more than just good, it's awesome.

PS360WII3766d ago

I'm gonna agree with that it's an awesome idea! I'll go a step further and hope other devs or even Capcom makes another/more 8-bit games :)

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The story is too old to be commented.