Gaming Age Review: Wolf of the Battlefield Commando 3

Ernie Halal Writes:

"Super Joe couldn't leave the ground no matter how hard he tried to jump. He couldn't run very fast. His machine gun had a peculiar range of about 15 feet and he could throw a grenade only slightly farther, but he could dodge bullets. His enemies experienced quick death spasm before disappearing forever, which was good because there were too many of them. The characters in Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3 have a lot in common with the main character from the heady days of 1985, and that's just fine.

You'll have three characters to pick from, but other than that it starts off a lot like Commando - you get dropped into hostile territory and have to fight your way out through scores of bad guys. The game controls consist of moving with the left stick and pointing with the right stick to fire. The right trigger tosses grenades, which are in limited supply, and the left trigger sets off an 'M-Crash' bomb that takes out most of what's on the screen."

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