New Screens of Formula One Championship Edition

Today, we're pleased to bring you a new batch of screens from the upcoming First-party racing game, Formula One Championship Edition. Sure to set all F1...

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PS3alltheway4332d ago

Holy Crap Awsome 360 Fans Beware

Man this game is Totaly awsome, nice graphics,car damage, 22 car onscreen ,high dynamic weather effect. Wow
plz don't comepare this to PGR3 PGR3 is nowhere near close to this. PGR3 is just shine graphics thats all .

NoW A PS3 owner Got one already Playing Resistance and Socom
i sold my 360 hehehe sory it has to be that way
Wii maybe next year
Now savng for new lcd hdtv 1080p

MoonDust4331d ago

PGR3 was release over a year ago.

ACE4331d ago

and look theres a pig flying in the sky.

u fool

DEIx15x84331d ago

This looks the same as MotoGP 06 which is the closest next gen game to compare this to since they both use the same type of tracks and one vehicle model type.

Antan4332d ago

Tasty. Good find T360.

marcusfenix4332d ago

Like PGR3 and it doesn't have real time damage either. I prefer the cars in PGR3 anyday.

InMyOpinion4332d ago

It looks really good, but it's F1. How fun can a F!-game get? All the cars look and probably handle the same...

power of Green 4331d ago

Looks faded and and lacking in detail looks like XBOX with late Xbox graphics with the Cars.

You sold your 360 dam! i can't sell my PS3's at the price i wan't i think im going to sell them at cost.

tk4331d ago

I'll take it.... Quick.. send me you details

tk4331d ago

Hey sorry man, but you are commenting on the wrong game. You most probably want some cell shaded cartoon racing game with cartoon bright colors. Real life looks a bit "washed out" - but then - only a great console can actually display "washed out colors" as well as the cartoon bright colors. But sorry to hear that your console can only display cell shaded bright colors. Must be driving you nuts.

tk4331d ago

Come on POG... you said you wanted to sell your PS3 at cost. I'll take it... since you don't like it... I have no problem to take advantage of your offer.. or was this just another example of you just making dumb comments for the sake of making dumb comments?

JIN KAZAMA4331d ago

has arrived people. PS3 is really starting to show its superiorty over the 360. This is still a first Gen game!! This is unbelievable of whats to come to the PS3.

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The story is too old to be commented.