Features Firmware 2.5 needs writes:"Firmware 2.40 (or 2.41 for some people) was a fantastic upgrade, in fact, it's the best firmware release we've had so far (apart from a few problems, so lets call it 2.41). Lets identify whats missing and needed in the next Firmware upgrade presuming its firmware 2.5 if there are no small updates in between."

In game web browsing
Send voice messages
Access the XMB no matter what

To name a few.

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Fishy Fingers3738d ago

"In game web browsing"

Why? It's not really something I imagine most need, also that would be a huge resource hog.

GVON3738d ago

you can do it in MGO, but only in the menus which I think would be workable.

Ben10543738d ago

from that list we dont need
in game web browsing
access playstation store ingame
appear offline (i hate that)

And he said that you cant delete all messages at once but you can

3738d ago
Alexander Roy3738d ago

Well, it would be useful to have access to cheats or FAQs (both online, think of while gaming... but yeah, the ressources needed would be pretty high. Besides, my Laptop is on pretty much all the time, so I don't need it. Still handy, though.

incogneato3738d ago

Dumbest list ever. A few are already there and the rest are just useless. The only one that makes sense is in game voice messages.

Snappier XMB would be nice too but one can see why it's an emulated XMB rather than the real one.

Tempist3738d ago

Seriously, 2.4 / in-game XMB and people still want more features they're probably not going to use to their full extent.

I just want to say I'm 100% happy with the current round of changes, but I don't know why people want to try and get fame and infamy with writing complaint and desire lists over what features you get with the PS3.

Do people really spend all that much time on it that they can make lists about what they think other people need who don't spend as much time on it? Why have voice messaging when people don't even have microphones in the first place. That's a lot like demanding instant messaging to others without an internet connection at all.

And lastly give it time people. We get updates like once every two months, way more than both the Wii and the XBox360. I for one would be fine if no other updates came out.

whoelse3738d ago

I want in-game web browsing because i can be playing a game and i want to check my emails or i want to check the latest news quickly without walking to my laptop and turning it on.

Also for me, Display Settings so i can quickly switch TVs when my dad wants to watch the TV in the lounge instead of me shooting people in GTA.

Scarfy3738d ago

"I want in-game web browsing because i can be playing a game and i want to check my emails or i want to check the latest news quickly without walking to my laptop and turning it on."

Dude, seriously, are you really f cking thick? Do you not know the first thing about computers and how they work?!! They do not have an unlimited source of memory and resources!

If you COULD browse the internet whilst playing a game, the PS3 would have to start using tons of virtual memory to accomodate the needs of the browser. This in turn would mean that the system could become slow and unresponsive and maybe even unstable.

So what that you have to walk a couple of feet to a laptop to check the news??? Boo hoo.

Maybe you should consider going for a jog at the same time, lard arse.

Bubble Buddy3738d ago

In-game music and In-game chat.

Real Gambler3738d ago

Common guys, we are talking about gaming consoles here.

If you want to surf the web while playing, then play on your pc and hit alt-tab
If you want cross game chat, do it on your pc, and use MSN and all those crapy virus magnet chat softwares.
If you want to send voice message, wait for the PC to do it... (not even there yet)
Change setting in games? Wow, that's something PCs are really good at. Sometime, you don't even have other choices.
Custom soundtracks? Run winamp or your favorite program at the back.
Cross game invites, any avatars, delete messages, appear offline? PC,PC, PC, PC....

Common guys, drop the $400 consoles, and just buy a $800 pc with an hdmi video card! Don't forget you also have to upgrade that PC every 2 years, and change it after 4 years. Consoles are just great for what they are. And you're saving $400. They are simple gaming and entertainment machine that can play very nicely in 1080p on your hdtv. Don't expect them to be like $800 to $1200 pc, they won't...

Electricear3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

The ability to turn off friend notifications while watching a movie. IMO the single most annoying thing to me is sitting down with the wife and kids to watch a movie and in the middle of it up pops a message that one of my friends is online... I realize I could sign out to resolve the issue, but why not simply give people the ability to prioritize what points the system should alert you when a friend logs on. They could even add a feature to set it up so you can see a basic who's online list when you hit your ps button. That way if you decide to take an intermission at some point you could quickly check and see if some one is on or not with out having to quit the movie and navigate all around the xmb.

Chester Bennington3738d ago

Wonder when 2.5 is coming out

Rob0g0rilla3738d ago

Accessing the store and web browser. I rather see them get voice messages, custom soundtracks, and cross game invites in first.

Those are way more important.

whoelse3738d ago

@ Scarfy

Whats up with you....

All i said is that i would love that to happen. If Sony can do that, i dont know but i know MGO can launch the web browser so.

Scarfy3738d ago

"All i said is that i would love that to happen. If Sony can do that, i dont know but i know MGO can launch the web browser so."

Konami obviously made it as light on resources as possible.

However you would still get some moron who would complain bitterly that he is unable to watch a youtube video whilst in the middle of an intense battle of Killzone 2.

Do you how much memory a web browser consumes, without loading and running plugins such as flash?

Seriously people, let's dispense with the stupid feature requests.

Lifendz3738d ago

no thanks.

Just let me use a custom avatar for PSN and I'm happy. More games with trophies and custom soundtracks but that's a different matter.

IC Weiner3738d ago

Chill, he just saying that it would be a nice feature to have in game web browsing. No need to blow a gasket

rickjames3738d ago

theres already a way to appear offline... go to your avatar andm press triangle then select not available dum dum

Sarick3737d ago

I'm sure a lot of these features that use large amounts of ram could be done. Figure it like the PC going into hibernate mode. The core system memory is reserved for the XMB etc.

What would happen is the memory would be frozen then all 500 megabytes stored on the HDD freezing the game state.

The web browser etc could then load up with full resources available to browse etc. The games state is stored as data on the HDD. When you switch back to the game it does the same with the browser and restores the stored state from the HDD.

Unfortunately, this wouldn't work with multi-player online games. it'd also be slow as %$&! every time you swapped from game to web browser or virsa because the memory would need swapped out every time.

Honestly imho, if this much effort is required to open an ingame web browser, I can see why it'd be better just to save the game, quit. then load it after collecting the web info.

You could be like me and have laptop or a Wii on 24/7 with an A/V switch. Just swap the video every time you want to check the browser.

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Tmac3738d ago

The playstation store.. While in-game.. what the hell?

jamesrocks31473738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

WE WANT VOICE CHAT OVER ALL GAMES! as default for god sake

and who needs web browser in game? and psn store not me not anybody really

in game voice chat is number 1 most have and then along with game invites would be good

jlytle12343738d ago

in game web browsing is good for having a faq up and switching back and forth to read it.

jaysquared3738d ago

What PS3 games don't support ingame voice chat?

riddlesticks3738d ago

I doubt i am the only person who is experiencing problems with FW 2.41. I was able to get 2.4 before they took it down and i had absolutely no complaints with it. There was nothing wrong with it (for me anyway). Then when i got 2.41 my xmb seems to be responding ALOT slower. Its really lagging and i don't have that annoying little orange box (wtf is with that) open either. Its really annoying. Not just whilst i'm "in game" but when using it normally.

Also when i am in a game and receive a message, when i go to open the message i get the gray background which normally displays a message but no writing and my ps3 just freezes, nothing i can do but turn it off. Ok that dosent happen everytime but i'd say atleast once every ten times i open a message, which is too much anyway (shouldn't happen at all)

I don't know if any of these problems are directly associated with FW 2.41 or something else maybe wrong with my ps3. Hopefully the problems will just... go away?

I was wondering if anyone else has experienced problems like this?

GVON3738d ago

no mate I haven't heard of that problem, you should backup your save and things to your ipod then restore ps3 in the system settings and reload your data and see if that helps

ystrandz3738d ago

Same Problem .. Happens Once Every Ten Times And I Get The 3 Beeps When I Turn It Off .. As Your Case It Only Happened When I Got 2.41 .. 2.40 Was Doing Just Fine

cLiCK_sLiCK93738d ago

Same here.
Xmb has been slower...for me. And At times it freezes and i get 3 beeps and turns off.

Do your Web Browsers Work fine? My Web browser doesnt work anymore,or atleast not as good. It freezes and when i turn it it off i get the 3 beeps again...idk if its just my PS3 or the firmware.

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