Cell-Powered Appliances by Early '08

Sony Japan has made official the near future introduction of the Cell processor in various electronic appliances by the end of 2007 or early 2008.

Cell made its first appearance as the PlayStation 3's multicore CPU and its development costs are estimated at 200 billion yen. Sony said it is preparing three to four of its leading electronic products to be equipped with a Cell processor.

The company also revealed that it won't limit the utilization of the Cell to certain electronic appliances only, but plans to use it in any products which will find a meaningful enhancement with the processor.

Sony has in the past said that it intends to use the Cell processor across a wide variety of home applications, but appliance-makers could be a hurdle. Sony Computer Entertainment chief executive Ken Kutaragi told Japan's PC Impress Watch earlier this year, "...People making those everyday-life electronic devices are still not thinking their product will one day turn into computers. I believe this is some kind of pride that electronic makers hold against the computer world."

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gnothe14356d ago

this goes to show you that the cell wasnt made with gaming in mind!! it was made to be a great multi use chip!!because if it was made for GAMING we wouldnt be seeing these types of postings!

Marty83704356d ago

Ofcourse it was made with gaming in mind,it can used for other stuff makes it even better.

DJ4356d ago

G5 processors were meant for gaming (i.e., 360's CPU). Don't make me laugh Gnothe.

Gaming utilizes code, the same code that other applications run off of. The only difference is that they need an exponentially larger amount of SIMD processing since your normal PC application doesn't rely on graphics, physics calculations, complex sound processing, AI, and rendering.

Cell is much more catered towards SIMD processing, and thus it's great for videogame applications, HD movie processing, and essentially anything that involves complex mathematical calculations.

While Microsoft claims that most game code is 'general purpose' (not SIMD), they were actually only referring to the physical size of game code on a developer's screen. When you measure CPU execution time, 80~85% of the time spent processing game applications is dedicated solely to SIMD.

Microsoft has been using the 'general purpose is what games need' statement simply because their CPU doesn't do that much else. It only has 3 cores, and can only run one intensive thread per core (out of 2 available). And if needs to do SIMD processing, the VMX units literally shut off their respective cores in order to do their thing. Add in 1.6 GHz L2 cache (the only means of communication and data transfer on the Xenon CPU), can see why a simple HD-DVD add-on pushes the 360 so hard, so early on.

"As a result, the HD DVD subsystem is almost entirely written in software. It’s one of the most demanding applications written for the 360 to date, using up all six of the system’s hardware threads.

Shaheen Gandhi, an Xbox 360 engineer, said: "At the moment, the player software pushes Xbox 360 harder than any other (save, perhaps, Gears of War during some particularly busy parts of the game)."

And that's just one HD stream. Cell, on the other hand, can process 16 HD streams at once.

Marriot VP4356d ago

i'm holding out for a cell powered blender, I don't know about you

marcusfenix4356d ago

I guess the PS3 is so powerful it had to be scale back for Blazing Angels! LOL

"While the bulk of the levels seems relatively untouched, the cinematics in between stages seem to have been revisited. Surprisingly, however, the textures of the buildings in London and other environments seem a little scaled back; they just don't look quite as detailed as the Xbox 360 version, but it's not something I really noticed during the intense dog-fights. "

Scrumptious4356d ago

You pick the "facts" that suite your arguement well, but you fail to put things in perspective.

The 360 CPU as 3 cores running 2 threads each, so 6 threads. Your cell has 1 primary core similar to 1 of the 360 cores who's job is spreading the code to the SPE's. You call them cores, but they are more like number crunching co-processors. So you have the SPE's running 6 threads. It is not fair to consider the SPE's cores, as they are specialized co-processors controlled by the PPE. You do not mention the bottleneck associated with having all the code running through the PPE, with SPE's waiting for instruction. That's the problem with this asymetrical design...very inefficient.

You are correct, Gears of War does push the 360 harder than every other game, about 40% total. The 360 like the PS3 is no where near maxed out. And the Cell was designed to decode HD streams from the get go. They demonstrated this from day one with the Cell, and this goes to show you it was not meant for games and as a result not more powerful than the 360's CPU. So what if the HD-DVD is CPU intensive? They found a way to work it on a CPU designed for gaming.

And if the chip is so powerful and revolutionary, how can it be so affordable to put in household electronics?

The powerful it can control your toaster.

DJ4356d ago

The SPEs are independent processors. You can simply program the Cell so that the PPE is the primary core and have the SPEs send their information to it.

The Cell can be programmed like the Xenon, in a traditional HUB model, a streaming model, or completely ignore the PPE.

Dual-threaded cores do not give twice the performance of single-threaded cores since you only have one processor to chew through multiple threads at once. Less resources for each thread in dual-thread cores, and in fact Microsoft has warned 360 developers to only run one intensive thread per core in the Xenon CPU.

Cell also has 2.5 times more onchip memory than Xenon, in addition to RAM that's 5 times faster what the Xenon is hooked up to (high-latency GPU RAM at 700 Mhz). Cell runs on low-latency 3.2 Ghz XDR RAM.

Heavenly Sword, Motorstorm, F1 Championship, Resistance, Lair. The list of titles that show PS3's superiority keeps growing every month.

THAMMER14356d ago (Edited 4356d ago )

I can not wait to get my CELL powered WASHING MACHINE.

I hear it has great floating point and washes in 4D too. Great stuff.

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