Gaming Age Preview: Mega Man 9

Gaming Age:

''The original 2D classic Mega Man returns in Mega Man 9 for Nintendo WiiWare, Xbox LIVE Arcade, and PLAYSTATION Network. This latest Mega Man title brings the series back to its old school roots with retro action platforming gameplay and classic 8-bit NES-style graphics and sound. Relive the Mega Man experience with classically inspired bosses, each with their own unique weapons and weaknesses.''

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MAiKU3740d ago

am i the only one put off by this game? I wanted updated graphics and cut scenes.... i played all the previous mega mans i just think we should keep the updated look....

ChickeyCantor3740d ago

Guess you missed the point with this one, they did it like this simply because the fans demanded it like Ages.

You are not the only one for many others have been saying the thing, but i bet you will enjoy it when you play it anyway =P.

Leaderboards are included, and i love that idea for such a game.