Sony: We Need to Convince PS4 Owners to Spend Several Hundred Dollars on Project Morpheus

Push Square: "Project Morpheus is set to be the star of Sony's big E3 2015 media briefing tonight – but you may want to put your champagne on ice. Speaking as part of a Wired report – which, incidentally, mentions that Guerrilla Games will be present during the presser – Shuhei Yoshida, the president of PlayStation's first-party network, has hinted that the headset ain't going to be cheap."

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DarkOcelet3320d ago

The price will determine the longevity of this device no matter how amazing the support it will get.

Sony seriously need to price this one right.

bunt-custardly3320d ago

Either way, the whole idea looks great anyway and I for one will be offering my support with a day one purchase.

I've already gotten my VR wings with DK2 and Gear VR.

DarkOcelet3320d ago

Woah there..

Not sure why you would need all that but its your money.

I will stick with one thing for the time being.

Crimzon3320d ago

You're a brave soul if you're willing to drop so much cash on a VR Headset after the support that EyeToy, Move, 3D and Vita got.

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SmielmaN3320d ago

I would say price point is def important and for us Canadian buyers it should be less than the two major consoles so $299 seems right. But, IMO more important than price will be a killer app. They can't develop this VR and give us ping pong or Tetris in the following 6 mths. Need a game that will grab attention and get gamers talking big time. I think for the North American market that would be a FPS.

Kribwalker3320d ago


3d tvs, laser disc and many other failed consumer electronics that had lots of support say Hi

thejigisup3320d ago

Same, day one purchase, they've got my money even though they will surely bring better skus later I'm gonna get this rightaway. I've waited for vr to be done right for too long now. Gotta get into this before my eyes don't work right and I'm too old to enjoy it.

ShinMaster3320d ago

I fear it's going to be the focus of their conference now....

morganfell3320d ago


Here is your major error. You act as if we did not have a blast with EyeToy, Move, 3D and Vita. In that supposition you are as wrong as a person can be.

Just wrong.

I purchased all of those devices and feel like I got and continue to get my money's worth. You missed out, we didn't. Maybe you are too poor or too skeptical. It doesn't matter. We enjoyed great experiences that you missed.

Day one purchase for me as regards Morpheus.

This is all immaterial because you are not here to have a meaningful conversation. I looked at your post history as should everyone else. You have a hate for Sony that is palpable. Intellect does not govern your remarks but rather the jealous hatred of a person that has forgotten how to enjoy gaming drives your remark. Troll somewhere else, we know what you are.

ShinMaster3319d ago

Every VR game being announced so far has been "Oculus exclusive".

If we're to spend money on Morpheus, then it better have the games to back it up.

Dewboi3319d ago


your "too poor" comment left the rest of your statement void... shame

bennissimo3319d ago

VR is useless on a mass scale until they solve the vertigo/motion sickness issue that a lot of these early units have demonstrated.

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bunt-custardly3320d ago

It's about having choice DarkO. I expect the experiences on each device will be unique.

My Gear VR 1 is already out of date since the S6 Gear VR launched.

lvl_headed_gmr3320d ago

Morpheus will get the same support PSP GO, Vita, PS Move, and PSN got which is next to nothing.

Sony expects 3rd parties to support their hardware because Sony can't afford to support it themselves.

G20WLY3320d ago

PSN got no support? Okay, bubble down for Trolling, sheesh..

For me, during the presser, I want to see how many devs - and which ones - are supporting Morpheus, how many games are in development, how many will be available to buy in the 12 months after release.

And obviously a price and release date.

At that point, I can decide whether I want to buy it...but I'm cautiously optimistic, interested and excited ALREADY! :^)

thejigisup3320d ago

Sony expects third party support because they feel they have the best environment to develop for.

rainslacker3319d ago

Didn't PSPGo have the entire support of the PSP digital library? There are over 100 games either Move exclusive or "better" with move, so it got plenty of support. PSN is still running as far as I know unless some news happened today I didn't know about, and Sony integrated all their online services into one, so that's supported. Vita, can't argue there. Support was good at first, but fell off rather quickly.

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pompombrum3320d ago (Edited 3320d ago )

Precisely, if they price it too high, it's going to fail. Why should developers spend resources on VR if there isn't a high enough attach rate to warrant it? If the 399 price tag (euros I think it was) is accurate, then Sony will have shot themselves in the foot. I really want to support VR and experience it myself but I'm very hesitant to pay the price of a console for it.

bluzone3320d ago

I'll quote myself here "IMHO $250-299 sounds very good to me. But you only get what you pay for.
I usually pay more if its a better choice. So if I have a choice in this "super size me". $399 is still less than what I'd would be willing to pay for 'a great experience".
I think what was said over a year ago is still true

pompombrum3320d ago (Edited 3320d ago )

$250-299 is what I was expecting it to be. I'm with you that I'm more than happy to $399 if the experience will be there but I consider myself a tech geek and paying that sort of money for good experiences is normal for me. It's the more casual PS4 owners they need to convince and if it's $399, that's going to be a problem.

TimeSkipLuffy3320d ago

new technology always demands a high price... this obviously will fail but will be the first step into virtual reality.
The device will never sell enough units to make the big game studios be interested in developing their big game franchises for this device.
I wish Sony would put more emphasis, work and money in more exclusive games rather than this and relying on indie devs to support their PS4...

bmf73643320d ago

$200 or $250 would probably be best

G20WLY3320d ago

That would be great, but I just don't see that being a realistic expectation. If you want nice things, with cutting edge tech, you have to be prepared to wince as you hand over the cash - that's just how it goes.

For me, it's very likely a big enough leap in immersion to make me buy it, but I need to know about games first and foremost...then price.

Captain_TomAN943319d ago

$199 is the magic number here, and I think they know it.

Fin_The_Human3320d ago

Giving Sony's pricing history with Phones and TV's I expect morph to be around 299.

Not bad the sweet spot for me would be 150.

MasterCornholio3320d ago

That sounds pretty good. It would be close to 399$ with the camera which isnt a bad deal.