Marvel looking to improve the quality of licensed games

DarkZero: Recent Marvel games have not being very good. In fact, they've being so bad they've made Hulk want to smash stuff and made Iron Man want to lose his mind. Thankfully, it seems Marvel now realise this, and have announced they will be looking to give developers a chance to make better quality games based on their licences.

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Monchichi0253739d ago

Since Marvel took control of there Movie Licence's they have put out nothing but GREAT movies!

Now if they do this with VideoGames we might actually get games worth buying! GREAT!!!

blinker flewid3738d ago

Movie games have always sucked. And for the reasons mentioned I get it now. Rushed production to get a product out there. But it doesn't matter to me either way, i've never been into movie games. they are all very limited and get old quick.