Blue Dragon moves some Xbox 360 hardware

Blue Dragon is Microsoft's attempt to truly break into the Japanese console market. The Blue Dragon launch can be billed the REAL Xbox 360 launch day in Japan; at least, Microsoft hopes it is.

According to a confusing machine translation from GameSpot China, the Xbox 360 sold either 27,000 or 70,000 units to accommodate the release of Blue Dragon. If 70,000 is the correct number, an additional 43,000 units of Blue Dragon sold (which is the bulk of the Japanese owners who previously purchased an Xbox 360). In either case, this is certainly a nice boost for Microsoft.

If the 70,000 is the correct version of the translation, it would certainly be odd to see the Xbox 360 sitting at a solid #3 on Japan's weekly sales chart. Microsoft hopes to sell 200,000 copies of Blue Dragon in Japan, which means Microsoft hopes to have around 200,000 Xbox 360 units in Japanese households. While not impressive from the standpoint of, say, the DS -- Nintendo sells that many in two weeks -- Microsoft should enjoy the sales boost and the publicity that goes along with it.

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HaHa 11 Dec 2006 11:20

m234333d ago

It's good to see that Blue dragon is helping the 360 in Japan. Hopefully they can reach their targets and sell as many consoles as possible.

BIadestarX4333d ago

Strange... no Sony fanboys trying to twist this news into bad news. Many fanboys believe that this game is all that the 360 got and will NOT help in the long run. They are wrong. This game proves that if Japanese developers make a good RPG game for the 360 it will sell and they will be able to make their return of investment. That's the concern of Japanese developers. Once, Japanese developer begin making RPG games on regular basis there will be no stopping for the 360 in Japan. And in case any Fanboy does not agree; isn't microsoft making a better efford to reach the Japanse gamers? Isn't the 360 doing better in term of sales than the original XBox? Aren't more games (including the ones that Sony used to hold exclusive) developed for the 360? So, as far as a gamer is concerned; that's all that matter.

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4332d ago

should stop wasting their time and money in Japan.