Microsoft: Software, Not Hardware, the Real Platform

Edge report's: Microsoft Interactive Entertainment Business CTO Chris Satchell is more keen on talking about how software updates will extend the current Xbox platform, rather than commenting on his vision of the next Microsoft game console.

Asked about his expectations and hopes for the presumed next Xbox, Satchell said in a phone interview, "Our focus is going to be on exploiting the assets we have. For us, platforms are about more than just hardware.

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CViper3742d ago

I think its clear Microsoft isn't focused on hardware. Should this be a dupe?

Fishy Fingers3742d ago

Yes, but you need the hardware to push the software possibilities.

Superfragilistic3742d ago

True, but it was pretty amazing how at E3 they essentially tried to relaunch their console as a casual product with the dashboard, avatars, Netflix, Lips, Scene It, etc...