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Crime is 'the new black'. The world teeters on the verge of anarchy. Law enforcement recruitment has plummeted – no one wants to be in the firing line. All forms of policing across the globe have united to form The Agency. But still it's not enough. The Peacekeepers are barely able to keep what little peace there is.

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clayton6194d ago

Can't wait for this game, this will be game #13 for me!


oh yeah

this game looks so good... but the gameplay is what will make it exceptional! especially live...

Majunior6194d ago

this will be game #20 for me, cant wait to play!

Majunior6194d ago

by the way that guys car is b!tch!n! lol

silent ninja6194d ago

this game or saints row which one to pick????????????

THELANDSOFSAND6194d ago (Edited 6194d ago )

beg, steal or borrow one

buy the other


Though if you plan on getting gta4, buy crackdown as its futuristic style and play is quite different to gta. saints row is more of a classic gta gangsta game.

USMChardcharger6194d ago

you can get out of your car, pick it up, throw it over the a wall that is in the way, and then jump over the wall and take off in your car again.
just one example of the freedom (and strength) you have in this game.

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