Atomic Gamer Preview: Left 4 Dead

Jeff buckland writes:

''The last time I saw Left 4 Dead from Valve Software and Turtle Rock Studios, I came away impressed but still a little concerned that the game resembled a mod more than a fully-realized new experience. Sure, its brand of first person shooting and horror action was fun as hell, but it still seemed to have just that slight amateurish element to it that would make it fun for those who got deep into it but not quite enough to bring the game into the limelight. And after seeing the game at E3 this year, I now know why they delayed it for the full year that they have: to do it some justice.

Left 4 Dead pits four players against a massive horde of zombies that are climbing over each other to take out these unlikely heroes. These four are alone, seemingly stuck in a city full of the undead with little help and only their guns and wits helping them to stay alive. They'll need to work together and help, heal, and revive each other when they go down, and of course shoot a hell of a lot of zombies to clear a path on their way out of the city.''

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