*Satire* The Anonymous Source: Nintendo Gets Halo DLC

In honor of those brave souls who go out on limbs to provide us the breaking scoop through their anonymous sources, investigative research or common sense be damned, I’ve started a weekly column we’re calling The Anonymous Source. This week we have an anonymous source claiming that Microsoft and Nintendo are teaming up to provide Halo crossovers.

Microsoft is tired of getting trounced by Sony and have resolved for one final competitive Hail Mary in the form of Halo 5. Barring Tomonobu Itagaki being a creepy Japanese version of Nostradamus and time reveals that the events of Devil’s Third are actually a premonition that will come top pass before Black Friday, everybody knows Halo 5 will be a massive success. Unfortunately, even Microsoft is painfully aware of the fact that Halo has long-lost its crown to the Call of Duty franchise and will have to compete head to head with Activision‘s yearly installment.


If it wasn't obvious by the language, the article is satire of recent "anonymous source" articles.

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Dudebro902905d ago

Full of complete BS.

Dont bother reading

Nosred2905d ago

how that was approved ?? wat

3-4-52905d ago

* The problem with a lot of "satire" is that it really isn't at all, and it's just somebody's opinion disguised as "satire", so they can get away with saying whatever they want...get it "out there" in peoples minds, without being called out for it, because it's ......."satire"

I see through some of this BS.

But also not great satire.

PlebeGamer2905d ago

What you're claiming about satire is exactly what this article is claiming about anonymous sources.

trenso12905d ago

Maybe you should put satire in the article head line. I know youre trying to poke fun at all the leaks recently but a lot of people are dense and wont get that its satire

Moldiver2905d ago (Edited 2905d ago )

This has to be a late april fools. Just seems a little too far fetched. Hilarious though.

TXIDarkAvenger2905d ago

Oh this wasn't a satire article?

This anonymous source predicted the obvious with Zelda for the Wii U. Twilight Princess got delayed many times and so did Ocarina of Time. Zelda 64 was scraped and they started from scratch at least once. The Zelda series is no stranger to getting delayed.

LexHazard792905d ago

What a effing Joke! Its like you always need a good article to get the blood boiling..

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