XboxOz360: Too Human Demo: All Classes Unlocked

XboxOz360 writes:
What the heck... ALL CLASSES?

Okay so I'm in the camp that was not sure about the game when I started playing. But after replaying it and getting used to its controls and camera, I've spent several hours loving it... particularly since I learnt to unlock ALL THE CLASSES in the demo.

I was immensely disappointed when I initially loaded the demo that I couldn't play as all the classes. But armed with the knowledge that Silicon Knights has a penchant for hiding secrets a plenty in their titles, along with Denis Dyack dropping heavy hints over at Gamespot, I decided to hit Google to see what I was missing...

The cheeky buggers at Silicon Knights had inserted an Easter Egg to unlock ALL CLASSES in the demo!

We've placed Dimascus' instructional video at the bottom of the page... but if you'd prefer a layman's guide in the most straightforward of ten steps, look right below...

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Montrealien3766d ago

Yeah, I enjoyed it before the unlock, but after I found this class unlock glitch I just played this thing to death. great game imho can`t wait for the retail version.

Superfragilistic3766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )

Agreed. This is the most comprehensive guide I've seen, and whilst I didn't rate the Champion I thought the Defender, Berserker and Bioengineer were a lot of fun... Still not convinced by the Commando though! lol

Why are you in the open zone Monty? Playing up again?

EDIT: @Monty

Does that mean the disagree phantom was a mod who didn't like you calling him a loser? lol just jokes. ;)

Too bad, but glad you like the game I really dig it to. :)

Montrealien3766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )

I`m on a 15 day ban for calling the dissagree phantom a loser in the gamer zone :S

I`m making the best of it, lol

Edit:@Super, lol , I don`t know however the dissagree phantom and all his atl accounts are long gone now.

Fiona3766d ago

Ive been playing the demo a few times but i still do not like this game at all! i do not know, the gameplay, the controls, dont like it. but i want to like it! thats why i keep playing it. every game deserve an opportunity. I read that ppl play it like 5 minutes then turn it off because they dont like it. i think that's a mistake, you have to allow the game some time to show you what it can do. im gonna play it a few times more with diferent class. ive been playing it with the champion so far

Superfragilistic3766d ago

I say forget the Champion and move on to the Berserker for super fast combos or try the Defender for a slower pace. Personal favourite is the Bio, and whilst shooter fans may love the Commando, I hate him! lol

green3766d ago

First time i played it with the champion class i simply hated the game and simply made up my mind that the game was crap.

But Superfragilistic made a comment in a previous article on how to unlock the other classes, and once i used the Berserker the game simply clicked and i have played the demo at least 10- 15 times.

SO my advice to you will be to try the other classes,play around with the level up system and see if you can click with any of the other classes.

If you still don't like it, then Too Human may not be for you.It's not really the type of game that every single person would like but for some it will be a gem.

Nevers3766d ago

I had no idea how to unlock the other classes. I was pretty disappointed to see only one available when I got into the game. I am actually in the minority it seems cuz as soon as I popped into the demo, I loved the "stick-fighting" that most people dislike so much. The camera seemed smart enough for that to occur. My biggest fear was about the stick being for combat instead of camera-work. I'll definitely have to give the other classes a go.

Fiona3766d ago

I will try the berserker class and see if that can change my opinion. I hope. this game has some cool things going. for it.

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Tmac3766d ago

The wordpress website is a joke, especially after yesterday's bullshit story that he submitted to N4G, Blacklist this website please.

Superfragilistic3766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )

I often submit this site's articles and they have a strong following on this site from both 360 and PS3 gamers, despite it's 360 roots.

The incident yesterday was not an error on the site's part, but rather that of the magazine they sourced their quotes from. This was confirmed by Joystiq, amongst others, yesterday who quite resolutely stated:

"According to the eloquently named Australian blog, XboxOZ360-gamer, BioWare bigwig RAY MUZYKA TOLD AUSTRALIAN 360 MAGAZINE that the RPG developer was committed to bringing "the Mass Effect trilogy exclusively to the Xbox 360.

Speaking to Joystiq, a BioWare representative deemed the information "incorrect," noting that Muzyka has "never confirmed any plans of Mass Effect exclusivity for the trilogy."

GameDaily, the original source of the Bioware rep, also confirmed that the magazine was at fault and not the site when it stated:

"Earlier today, a report supposedly from the just released September issue of Australian 360 (via XboxOZ360) quotes BioWare CEO Ray Muzyka during a European EA press event as saying that the developer is still committed "to bring the Mass Effect trilogy exclusively to the Xbox 360.""

I would also point out that the XboxOZ guy spoke to Bioware and then publicly retracted the statement and apologised for the article being misleading on both N4G and his own site. Which he really didn't need to do when it wasn't him that made the mistake, but rather the magazine he quoted.

Stop trolling and get your facts right. ;)

Tmac3766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )

Wow, don't get to ahead yourself, they got caught with their hands in the cookie jar, please instate a blacklist immediately. They bullshitted to get their website to go anywhere.

Tmac3766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )

Lol you peanuts will believe anything that is told to you, and FPS nut can you really even say anything with how many times people have pwned you?

Montrealien3766d ago

Tmac = owned and kinda cranky too.

Tmac3766d ago

Don't even get me started on Montrealien, you're just a fаg, why don't you go off and do that gay "Run off and play X game" slogan, it suits you well.

Montrealien3766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )

lol, man you're a prick. Start all you want, you're just another generic anonymous fanboy to me. And you're cranky.

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Dlacy13g3766d ago

Thanks for contributing absolutely nothing to the comments section of this article. I mean, you have a right to your opinion. This game certainly wont appeal to all, but if you are going to take the time to comment on the game why not put some substance to your comment other than "the demo sucked"? Without something more to your thoughts you merely come across as a fanboy who probably hasn't played the game.

dachiefsman3766d ago

the demo was fun. Defenders are awesome!

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