50% of Last Year’s Sony E3 Conference Is Still Unreleased - Is That Good Enough?

Grab It analysed last year E3 Sony press conference to determine how many of the games have yet to see the light of day.

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SlappingOysters2785d ago

Here is the Microsoft equivalent study for those interested - http://www.grabitmagazine.c...

iamnsuperman2785d ago

I personally do not like this trend. E3 is becoming that event where logos/CGI trailers are just thrown up for the sake of filling time. I would prefer everyone to show when they are ready. Look at The Division. It was a long time ago when that was first shown. My interest has gone

thekhurg2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

I no longer care about what's shown at E3. I just wait for game releases/impending release previews and pick what I want to play.

My gaming hobby has become a lot more enjoyable too, since I no longer obsess about what should be out and when.

GrieverSoul2785d ago

Puft... spoiled kids...
Last year... bah!!!


Cupid_Viper_32785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

#1. Sony releases more games a year than Microsoft.

#2. Sony is supporting 3 platforms in the PS4,the PS3, and the PS Vita.

#3. 50% of a larger number IS still more than 50% of a smaller number, let alone 40%. I can't believe I actually have to point that out.

#4. I always read about on here how Microsoft has so much money vs Sony themselves which can't even afford to drop the price of the PS4 etc. Yet Microsoft with all of this money still somehow manages to not only announce less games than Sony but a lesser percentage of said games as well. Yet here we are on tugging on Sony's dragon balls.

The American gaming media has a "tendency" (being gentle here) of just looking the other way when it comes to Microsoft and the XBOX brand. How else do you explain how publications were recommending the XBox 360 last generations, when they themselves went through 3-5 broken ones? Yet somehow,they want you to believe that Driveclub's initial launch issues was the worst thing to happen in gaming. Yet Halo MCC.....sigh, why even bother?

It's the same thing when it comes to how games are reviewed too. I'll never forget the treatment they gave Gran Turismo 5, a game who absolutely washes the floor with any Forza games ever released. GT5 had so much content packed in it for $60.00, it epitomized the gameplay>graphics that we all love so much, by providing both in spades. 800 standard cards, countless tracks, rally, NASCAR, drifting, snow, rain, day/night, etc for the gameplay side. And for the graphics' side, it gave us 200 of the most polished cars of the last gen (until GT6) Yet, they wanted us to believe that "standard cars" have no place in such a game because they look ugly. Funny, because the "gameplay over graphics" mantra they use to crucify The Order: 1886, and yet praise Titanfall and other Xabox titles surely contradicts their gripes against GT5.

But after 5 iteration, Forza 6 is now poised to finally possess maybe half of the features that I've been accustomed to since GT1, (night,day racing, wet/rain/ rally, etc. and I can't wait to hear the glowing reviews that game gets, while people shout how the GT series has fallen.

What does this have to do with the article one might ask. Well it's a micrososm of the mindset of the people who bring us reviews and news about this industry. It's corrupt and unfair...

Ezz20132785d ago

I would love that developers only show their games before it release date by just few months.

Volkama2785d ago

@Cupid_viper_3 please stop trying so hard. You're making me feel lazy.

opoikl2785d ago

@ Cupid

This is exactly how the rest of the world interprets the current situation. Luckily we could care less which narrative 'merican media try to push, we speak with our wallets and this gen we're louder than ever before it would seem.

T2X2784d ago

Yeah. I'm sick of waiting all year to see this show and then every damn thing they show you is A) Not coming for another year or B) won't look like they're showing you anyway. But, Ah. I'll enjoy anyway, maybe they'll surprise us! LOL.

InTheLab2784d ago


So your whole argument is that MS and the X1 are worse? And that quantity is better than quality?

Also, Sony isn't supporting the Vita and are we really calling cross gen games "support"?

Lastly, certain features present in previous GT's didn't make the cut in GT5 and using last gen models for the majority of the cars was a mistake.

I'm a fan of GT and Sony in general but it's like some of you are incapable of being objective. You can't concede any point against your favorite platform without throwing in a jab at another platform and, honestly, it's embarrassing.

As for the Order, that's ridiculous. You go to Titanfall to prove your point but forget all about Ryse, which actually scored lower. As a matter of fact, the games mirror each other in critical reception. Graphics over gameplay. Why even bring up Titanfall. I thought TF was mediocre and lacked content but still poops on Ryse and The Order. Hell, there's an article calling Ryse one of the most awful games ever made and then there's this....

This is what I'm talking about. I'm responding to you but I mean people on the site like you who can't enjoy a product but recognize the fact that it has problems that need to be resolved and that those problems are present whether the competition is similar or worse.

So the point I'm making here is, instead of comparing it to the X1, try comparing it to the PS3 which would be killing the ps4 in the same two year period.

3-4-52784d ago

That is why I liked Nintendo's last year. Right after the announced them, some of them were playable people there at the Treehouse or at Best Buy like a day later.

ShinMaster2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

@ InTheLab

1 - The original argument was that there were no games. But once the facts come out, you question their quality?
We could subjectively argue quality, but that's probably a different subject for a different time.

2 - The majority of GT5's cars may have been standard models, but it still had more premium/next-gen models than most racing games out at the time.

Cupid_Viper_32784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

@ InTheLab

There is a distinct difference between being critical and "hypocritical". And yes, I am arguing that MS is worse. And no, I'm NOT arguing that quantity is better than quality. I'm arguing gameplay + variety vs graphics, in which GT5 trumps Forza. If having standard cars is a problem, then why on Earth are more important gameplay that Forza lacks, like night racing, dynamic weather, snow, rally, NASCAR, etc are not several knocks agaisnt it?

This is what makes a narrative hypocritical. You knock one game for something, yet the other game is missing 3/4 of the content of the other one, and that's not an issue? Cmon get real.

And I thoroughly enjoyed GT5 and now enjoying GT6, so I don't know wtf you're talking about when you say that I can't enjoy a product knowing it has flaws. I have never played a flawless game because none exist. What gets me though, is people like YOU who finds it perfectly OK to single out a game or a company, for something the competition is doing just as much, if not to a greater extent.

A proper article trying to address this supposed issue would have included all three companies, and see how theystack up agaisnt one another. Then go do some research and compare E3 2014 to the past E3s of the last 2 generations or further back to show that things either got better, worse, or remain unchanged.

THIS article is bullsh*t, like many others before it if its kind.

"So the point I'm making here is, instead of comparing it to the X1, try comparing it to the PS3 which would be killing the ps4 in the same two year period." have no idea what you're talking about do you? The PS3? Which had all these memes about it for having no games the first 1-3 years of it life was doing better than the PS4? Actually, no console in history has released more games than the PS4 has in their fist year and a half. You're welcome to go as far back as you can.

And this is exactly what I'm talking about... Make belief cristisms while the competition is not even close.

I rest my case.

LordMaim2784d ago

I'd like to know what percentage of Microsoft's E3 *2013* lineup has yet to be released.

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ChronoJoe2785d ago

I don't think it's a trend, E3 doesn't usually showcase games that are ready to launch. It has always been pretty mixed. Killzone 2 was shown at E3 several years before its lauch, same with Halo, same with Gran Turismo, etc etc.

It's not a trend, E3 has typically, always been this way. I like it, because at the end of the day showing the games early does not usually detract significantly from development, and its great to get to know what's in store for the future, both close and far.

thereapersson2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

And in the mean time there are so many other announcements, it's not as if you have nothing else to play.

TheRacingX2785d ago

Unfortunately it IS a trend, when E3 began it was all about showing what was coming for that fall and MAYBE the spring....but what was shown would be released BEFORE the next its just a CGI showcase for stuff 2 and 3 years out.....promises promises promises, and many get broken, SONY is notorious for this.... Last Guardian anyone?? Why show anything that is just a concept ??? Pre orders, buy the console, etc..... Gaming has become a Hollywood whore just pandering for cash....Overpriced DLC, Season passes? DLC already on disc that you have to pay for? A hobby I enjoyed and grew up with is nothing more than an endless suck for my $$, and E3 today is just that broken promise to keep you on the hook for one more year....

showtimefolks2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

Welcome to e3. 60% of MS's last year's conference hasn't released so what now?

Bottom line is this:

How many games announced at e3 actually come out the same year? Where was halo 5 announced? Tomb raider? Yeh that's what I thought. Crackdown, scalebound and quantum break?

I am not having on MS or Xbox, my point is this is how E3 has been lately

I for don't mind that, I rather know a game is in development than read a rumored article about how it could be in development. This year won't be any different

Uncharted 4
horizon from guerrilla
Sony bends new game rumored to be resistance

I just don't like how it's always Sony or Ms doing something. Why do we need article which are only written got click baits and nothing else


Couldn't agree more, I don't remember e3 ever being about games which were coming the same year. Most of the times the games we see at e3 are at least a year from release sometimes more

Last year we got confirmation that mass effect is in development. This year we may get a trailer and next year we will get demo plus release date of 2016

Same with mirrors edge
division from ubi

There is a article like this about 50% of games that haven't released from songs conference of last year

Than the first comment has a link to an areticle about 60% of games from ms's last year conference hasn't released

I wish people would stop

As I get older 31, I am starting to hate fanboys more and more it seems like with each passing day. To them only exclusives matter and the game on their system is the best while everyone else are playing bad games

I miss the old n4g where we use to have a separate page just for fanboys

marlinfan102784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

Sorry but I had to laugh at your little part about fanboys thinking their systems games are the best. This is your response to someone in a forza 6 article saying the article isn't about GT or sales

"Yeh it's not about sale because xbox isn't winning the sales. But the moment someone brings up kill zone all we hear is halo sales 

So you can't have it both ways. 

GT the best SIM racing on consoles period. 

You xbox fanboys are so delusional. GT is the best racer on consoles and doesn't need a yearly released game"

You're the exact type of person you just said you hate

showtimefolks2784d ago


Sadly someone got the worst of me, I got so mad at what someone said few articles before that I brought my hate into for a article

Not saying I am perfect but when I am wrong I will own up to it. You can even check my comments history, that whole day I was a jerk. But any one of us can have a bad day

I still stand by my original comment, that day made even hate fanboys more because I became one. But this is n4g afteall, here if you say some smart you get a bubble taken away from you. Unlike many on this site I have one account and I been a member for a long long time.

ChronoJoe2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

I think it's impressive that 50% of them made it to launch within the same year. I think 50% is a good amount. It's not like we're being presented entirely far off titles, none of which likely to come out anytime soon. If anything the 50% reflects a good balance between showing us what will be out immediately, and what will be launching a little further into the future.

I think last year, Microsoft may have pushed the balance a little bit. Purely CGI teasers for games like Scalebound felt like a bit of a waste of time. Although I felt that for the most part there was a good showcase of gameplay for a lot of the titles presented.

gamingpro2785d ago

Talk about fanboy, you sir are the definition of fanboy aka the problem with gaming.

PowerPlayaaa2785d ago

What so fanboyish about his comment?
He's just speaking the truth, while you speak like a TRUE fanboy.
The problem with gaming ;-)

LostDjinn2785d ago

You post this piece and comment first with a link to MS's equivalent? From the same site? Subtle. Nobody's going to catch the bait you left there. Quick, put on some shades.

OT: Announcements too far from release create ambivalence. Why put gamers through it?

UKmilitia2785d ago

Also Read: 50% of Last Year's Sony Press Conference was a Joke

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KingKelloggTheWH2785d ago

That is pretty interesting, makes sense with how long Dev times are...Hope we don't get a rehash though.

CoyoteHunter2785d ago

I guess it depends on your perspective. If the goal of an E3 reveal is for that game to be released in the next year, then no I don't think it is good enough. If you take a longer time frame, then it's not necessarily a bad thing.

However, I do tend to agree that games are being revealed wayyyy too long in advance.

TheGreatGamer2785d ago

Even with the title change I still disagree. Development is a complex and costly process and at the end of the day, devs want to make the best possible game that they can and E3, for me, is about getting a glimpse into the future, and frankly I don't need games to release before the next E3 and anyone that says it isn't good enough needs to wake up to the reality of business practices and the complexity of game development

uth112785d ago

They don't need to rush the games, but they also don't need to announce them so many years in advance.

Just keep quiet about them. When they are finally ready to be revealed, there won't be a long wait. They also won't need to release trailers based on what they hope it will look like, causing angry downgrade claims.

MrDead2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

So the Xbox article gets failed for being lame and flamebait but the Playstation article gets approved, why?
It's odd as they both have the same content.

Oh well better add a on topic bit to my comment.... Can't wait for No Man’s Sky and The Tomorrow Children to hit, they where at last years E3.... yep, that should do.

hello122785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

The more i think about it N4G should just have a system wars section and have all this kind of stuff in there be less complaining then.

MrDead2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

Were at not "where at"..... check your grammar MrDead

Ezz20132785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

"" So the Xbox article gets failed for being lame and flamebait but the Playstation article gets approved, why? ""

Because this is a pro-Sony site which mean only the articles that praise Sony get approved ...Wait WHAT ?!

moomoo3192784d ago

This article doesnt exactly praise sony. Somewhat the opposite, actually.

Oner2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

There's always one "doesn't get the joke guy" ^^^

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