Did Square Enix Just Tease Another Sequel To Chrono Trigger?

Hear me out here, developers tweet things, us common folk get excited and write about it. But, there's some legitimacy here. This one comes right from the company. Square Enix just released an E3 2015 hype video, giving us a taste of what's to come this week.

Right away, Chrono Trigger fans will notice the music. WHY IT'S FROG'S THEME REMASTERED! Why would you do that Square. Why? Why? What are you playing at? Why would you dig the song from a game 20 years ago and remaster it? What do you want? Is it my money you want? well, you can have it, just kill the suspense.

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Yi-Long1221d ago

I always loved the artwork, characters and premise of Chrono Trigger, so the idea we might get a new one for PS4 is very hopeful.

bouzebbal1221d ago

very interesting find.. i forgot the soundtrack from Chrono Trigger, but i hope something related will be revealed.
After Nintendo's conference, Square Enix caught my interest as well!
anyone knows if it will be streamed?

hay1219d ago

Chrono Trigger would make me excited.

I just hope it's not one of those Square-Enix days.

Magicite1221d ago

I have waited for this since I beat CHRONO CROSS, which became my most loved game ever, a sequel would make my heart stop...and start beating again even stronger!!

3-4-51221d ago

There better be some Dragon Quest....and not Heroes.

SlappingOysters1221d ago

Interesting theory; would be quite the story.

Kalebninja1221d ago

Never played chrono trigger myself but I know people would go wild. and that music was pretty great.

GortJester1221d ago

Maybe I'm reading too much into this as well but they mention rewinding time in the video as well.... Hmmmm.... Thanks for getting me hyped :)

SakataXGintoki1221d ago

That's Life is Strange. it deals with rewinding time. Good observation either ways.

AntsPai1221d ago

They were talking about life is strange, rewinding time is the main feature of that 'game'.

The 10th Rider1221d ago

Keep your expectations in check. Even if this was the case, chances are it would be a handheld game.

SakataXGintoki1221d ago

As long as It isn't for mobile devices, I think I can take a handheld game.

The 10th Rider1221d ago

I'd give it maybe a year and it'd be available for mobile in Japan.

I'd say I was joking, but it's probably true...

Summons751221d ago

And what's wrong with having some Chrono Trigger goodness on my 3DS or possibly Vita? AS long as it's more like Trigger and nothing like Cross then I'm perfectly okay.

comebackkid98911221d ago

Having never played cross a 3DS remake would be welcomed.

Summons751221d ago


No, Cross was awful and I hope that stays forgotten in the past.

The 10th Rider1221d ago

Oh, I don't think there'd be a problem with it. But some people picture a big, beautiful, high budget AAA game on their nice big TV. I just wanted to remind people that's highly unlikely.

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The story is too old to be commented.