Steam Summer Sale Gets Fourth Round of Flash Deals: Sonic, Kingdom of Amalur and More

Valve just disclosed the fourth round of flesh deal (which are added every twelve hours) to its ongoing steam sale, which will continue until June the 21st.

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Magicite1225d ago

so many amazing deals with dirt low prices, my backlog will be so huge, that I wont touch anything besides PC at least until fall.

BenRage31225d ago

my favorite time of the year besides Christmas :)

pompombrum1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

I highly recommend Chivalry, some very satisfying action can be had with that game and with 90% off, it's an absolute steal.

scark921225d ago

Yeah I got that deal instantly, I thought it was a pricing bug, thats how good this deal is xD

Apollosupreme1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

I think I have no choice but to purchase Chivalry.

To anyone who's not played Witcher 2, now is the time. It's almost a crime to sell such an awesome game (including visuals even by today's standards) for that cheap. It's the best deal on Steam.

Father__Merrin1225d ago

just bought CS Go it plays very well with controller