Plans in place for PlayStation 4, says Evolution Studios boss

UK developer Evolution Studios is already planning for opportunities on the PlayStation 4, according to chief executive Martin Kenwright.

With the racing specialist readying Motorstorm for launch on the PlayStation 3, Kenwright believes that it's important to think far ahead as the industry is set to change monumentally in the future.

Speaking in an interview with, part one of which is published today, Kenwright said, "The market place will be changing beyond all recognition in the next five years. We've anticipated that.

"I know people are looking at PS3 now, and I'm not being glib, but we're actually looking at PS4. I'm thinking where will it be in five years, how will we get there? What will the marketplace be like, the games, and who'll be buying them?"

Kenwright believes companies that settle into a routine are more at risk than those who experiment with original IP - with sequels to popular games merely dividing the market.

"Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but sticking to what you're best at can be more of a risk than reinventing yourself," said the studio boss.

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Ravenator5294354d ago

Do people seem to think that its a good idea to start talking about the "next" system before the current one is even readily available to the public?

THAMMER14354d ago

I think developers should look to the future now. I also think that the PS3 is an awsome console if used properly. Ken. K's vision for the PS3 is a full imersive vision that DEV. can take advantage of if they are smart. The PS4 is an extension of that we hope.

On the PS3- IF a dev. takes a look at it you can make a game that plays like no other but they have to take a all around diffent aproach like the do with the Wii. Once they master the tools and push the console we will se great games. I just think Developers did not expect to see strugling production and sales of the PS3. So the fate of the PS3 is in the hands of the develpers right now. And they will be the ones who convince consumers the PS3 is worth it.

takz4354d ago

I love playstaion and it would have been sad to see it end here. Just so long as that focus doesn't much on their work on the ps3 now cause there is still a lot of work to do.

QuietMan694354d ago

They never question sony. That's why this generation they are stuck with a blue ray player trying to be a game machine. None of the cells advantages are in the games space. Stop and think about that, deep down you know your blind loyalty is what gave MS a chance this generation.

TheDuke774354d ago

I guess I shouldnt get a PS3 and just wait a couple of years for the PS4 which will likely be backwards compatible with the PS3 games. Makes a helluva lot more sense than buying one now.

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The story is too old to be commented.