DC Universe Online PlayStation 3 Trailer - The Making Of

A trailer from of the Making Of DC Universe.

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f4t41_ph4nt0m3739d ago

I have both CoH/CoV and I believe that this game will be better than both of them. Seems like its shaping up nicely ;)

yesah3738d ago

yea i was really impressed with the whole create objects thing.

But i have 2 concerns:

Use IGA instead of a subscription fee.

And i think the joker model is kinda bad, something closer to heath ledger would be better.

peedie163738d ago

I really hope this game turns out good because I want it and hopefully SOE will made an everquest 3

himdeel3738d ago this video using a keyboard and mouse :) My heart skipped a beat because I just bought a wireless keyboard to accompany the wireless mouse someone game me. I got my spot on my couch all picked out for this one.