Batman Arkham Knight Gameplay TV Spot video released feat music by Muse

A gameplay video for Arkham Knight has been released.

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DarkOcelet1227d ago

"This is how the Batman died?" WTF!

Did they just spoil the game?

RustCohle1227d ago

Hope it was just a game over screen quote or something, kinda odd that that line was in there.


Ezz20131227d ago

If they kill Batman in that game i will be really upset TBH

i hope to god there is indeed a 3 different endings

skulz71227d ago

I'm sure they haven't. Rocksteady would not want to spoil the ending.

Mega241227d ago (Edited 1227d ago )

Well, its a spoiler... kind off. But if that's the way they decide to end the series, I'll respect their decision.

@Dark - But maybe it's not the ending, maybe it's a ruse. Like the ending to Dark Knight Returns.

DarkOcelet1227d ago

I am not upset about the fact he might dies. I am upset about the fact that they could have spoiled the ending for us.

If someone told you what would happen in Arkham City's ending, wouldn't you be upset?

Sketchy_Galore1227d ago

You should add a spoiler warning to this comment. I'm not attacking you since I know we're here to discuss the content of the video but I didn't watch it yet so technically, if they spoiled the game for you you spoiled it for me. Again, I'm not whining about that, just saying it would probably save a few people finding out the spoiler if you warn us that there is one in the video before quoting it so it would be a nice thing to edit that into your comment.

DarkOcelet1227d ago (Edited 1227d ago )

I apologize for that, i really wanted to edit it later on but i was busy then i missed my chance.

Hopefully the person who talked is just a ruse or some scarecrow nightmare.

TheJacksonRGN1227d ago (Edited 1227d ago )

The game has three endings according to the article on the strategy guide. So he probably dies in two of them.

RedDeadLB1227d ago

I think it's near confirmed that Batman is going to die in Arkham Knight. The limited edition statue pretty much confirmed it for me: "From a grateful city, in memory of the Gotham Knight."

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GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME1227d ago

ooooooooh yaeaaaahasdljhfoaswdtiujawoi!! !!

EazyC1227d ago

Shame about Muse being in it... They went a bit off in the last few years and the Drones is pretty naff, they could have chosen something a lot more stylistically suitable.

WeAreLegion1227d ago

Yeah. The new album wasn't great. :( Still love their older stuff.

curtis921227d ago (Edited 1227d ago )

awful song choice for this kind of trailer. It's like they were trying to do a gears 'mad world' trailer or a lost odyssey white rabbit commercial thing... that's a lot of marketing $$$ down the drain as I'm sure Muse ain't cheap.

WeAreLegion1227d ago

Should have used a different Muse song. They have several that are perfect for trailers.

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