Xbox One Games in Oculus Rift Mock Demo – Forza H2/Halo 4/Sunset OD/ Killer Instinct

A video which shows how some first party Xbox One games such as Halo and Sunset Overdrive could look like using the streaming to Oculus Rift option using a Windows 10 PC.

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xHeavYx1227d ago

Not sure if it's direct feed, but looks kinda laggy.
I'm sure we'll see all kinds of weird mods (personally, I can't wait for the "Asian girls dancing near the screen" mod)

SourtreeDing1227d ago

im sorry but this is not the Kind of VR experience i want. to me it looks like its going from Television Screen to VR headset screen.. what is the point of putting a headset on to just see the same thing but on the VR screen from the headset?...

thats what it looks like to me.

Aenea1227d ago

So you won't see the mess that is your living room? :D

darthv721227d ago

@sourtree, offscreen play.... what else.

strap the wiiu gamepad to your face while using the pro controller if you want to get a similar effect.

whats even more interesting is if you have the motion control on you can steer mario kart by tilting your head left and right.

bunt-custardly1227d ago

Your opinion personifies the general sentiment of someone who hasn't put on a VR headset.

This video and the one posted by Microsoft yesterday doesn't convey the scale of the screen size very well if at all. As a viewer you have to imagine the seats in the movie theatre are to scale which means the screen you're looking at appears to be HUGE.

Without wearing a headset these videos don't really sell VR very well because they can't show the scale or presence felt in VR.

Multiplatguy1227d ago

Because I doubt the telly in your living room is the size of a cinema screen. If the quality doesn't suffer too much then this is an interested development.

SourtreeDing1227d ago (Edited 1227d ago )


i dont need to put on a VR Headset to know what Virtual reality is lol.. and this isnt Virtual Reality. this is just streaming from one screen to another (in this case a the VR headset Screen)
this is a AD for dummies.

you want to experience this just.... just put your Covers over your 55inch LEDtv and yourself zammmnn

im not hating but if you cant see that this is what they are showing then you are dumb... i agree with the person down below. this is Anti-VR

bunt-custardly1227d ago

@sourtreeDing Apparently you do otherwise you wouldn't have made this comment:

"what is the point of putting a headset on to just see the same thing but on the VR screen from the headset?"

Because it's far from "the same thing". I get it, you're not impressed and won't be until you experience it first hand.

4Sh0w1227d ago (Edited 1227d ago )

Well this is obviously just an additional **viewing option** for Oculus= game bunt would be absolutely correct that you would need to use it to fully appreciate the experience.

That said although this will look much sharper and of course much bigger when you actually use it, still imo if you're going to use a VR headset at all why not at least make it full screen with small borders for optimal immersion?

starchild1227d ago (Edited 1227d ago )

I feel like some people don't understand the usefulness of what they showed. No, it doesn't replace direct VR game experiences, but it's a pretty neat feature all the same.

I've used the virtual cinema app on the Oculus DK1 headset and even at those lower specs the experience was quite convincing and enjoyable. Watching a movie on a gigantic virtual screen is very cool and I'm sure it's the same for games. Unless you have a huge 200" front projector screen in your house you aren't playing your games on a screen that appears this big. It really is a neat VR application.

It could also prove useful to people that share a TV with other people in a household for those times someone else is using the TV and you want to play your games.

Or maybe you want to lay down in your bed for maximum relaxation while you play your games or watch a movie.

Virtual screens absolutely do have significant and worthwhile uses.

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donthate1227d ago


"Not sure if it's direct feed, but looks kinda laggy."

How the hell do you see lag?

There is no well to tell without the controller in hand or the controller on screen at the same time as the video.

But hey, but if you are a MS hater or Sony lover, then yes you can see lag!

TheCommentator1227d ago

Well said, we need to bubble you up!
Common sense FTW!!! \ö/

xHeavYx1227d ago

Your comment is the typical fanboy comment, defending your precious console of choice blindly.
I wasn't referring at lag between the controller input and what happens on the screen, but if you start looking at the 15 second mark, you see a lot of hiccups, and that's just one example.

lxeasy1227d ago

I'm gonna have to try VR for myself before I can have an opinion on it.

BallsEye1227d ago

No opinion on this, would have to try it...gaming on the moon looks sweet tho.

maulberto31227d ago

Actually, I agree, it does. I'm starting to think that streaming Xbox One games to VR might be good. You can't judge the feel by looking at these videos though. I guess, those settings portray a really big screen!

slate911227d ago

Im just not sure what is supposed to be impressive here lol. You're playing in a virtual theater?

Lamboomington1227d ago (Edited 1227d ago )

Well, it'll be a fun gimmick. Won't convince anyone to buy an Occulus Rift. In light of Sony having Morpheus, this comes across as hilariously bad xD

However, for some, that litte gimmick might just mean some people buy an XBONE if they already have a rift and were going to get a console. Just knowing there's some kind of compatibility, even if they really don't know where it is.

Personally I wouldn't mind doing this from time to time, IF I ALREADY HAD BOTH DEVICES. Provided there's no one else looking ofcourse...

It's the same reason I might just use Google Cardboard to watch a normal 1080p video/film in a virtual theatre, because of the bigger screen and better ambience, it is a better experience.

Here, as much as this is nothing more than a gimmick, I actually really like how the virtual screen lights up the virtual room correctly, based on what it's showing. It could be a fun experience in itself, to look around a virtual room with nice lighting and everything... it's kind of cool.

rainslacker1227d ago

It mimics playing a game on a theater sized screen. A regular HMD would have the same effect without all the distractions of your surroundings. This is already available on OR for the PC, so really all this is doing is displaying the streamed image from an Xbox. Not really sure why MS is given credit for it though, since it has been available on the PC sans the Xbox part.

Toiletsteak1227d ago

So you are playing in a room in a room.... Roomception.

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