DS outsells Wii

920,000 units sold in November in North America puts DS at the top of the sales chart for November, even beating sales of the newly launched Wii console, when people were camping outside shops to get their hands on the new console.

We wonder if everyone sat in Wii launch queues bought DSs just for something to do while they wait. 600,000 Wii's were snapped up by eager gamers last month, making for a hugely successful launch for Nintendo, but with the DS still owning the world as if no other games consoles exist, Nintendo already has plenty to celebrate.

Even the Game Boy Advance looks to be having a great Christmas, selling 642,000 units in November. There are surely more GBAs in the world than there are people by now, but somebody's still buying them, clearly.

According to Nintendo, it sold more than 2.1 million systems, including GameCube and Wii, of the 3.9 million consoles purchased in total in the month. Good times for Nintendo.

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MissAubrey4356d ago

of course the DS is beating the Wii!!! There is no damn Wiis so how can it beat the DS???

OutLaw4356d ago

Yeah Okay... Like all the news articles you have contributed to the site. Lets see, oh yeah, you haven't, so don't criticize me considering you have given zero news.

PS360WII4356d ago

This is great news! This just makes Nintendo's case of knowing what gamers want even stronger. A person who might not know what video games are can say 'oh you mean that Nintendo thing?' and yes indeed they are talking about Nintendo

quantae064356d ago

tight, but Wii is going to have more sales eventually

MicroGamer4355d ago

until Pokemon is released for the Wii. Then you'll really see some consoles being moved.

commadore654354d ago

I will get it for the DS I think. I haven't played a Pokemon game since red, but have good memories of it.

regauding this.. Guess that sales of one can only help the other. I'm just wondering wether it is too risky to get some shares, shoulda got them before launch really though. =//