Destiny (Video): Dancing With Skolas In The Prison of Elders

There’s no way to make Skolas’s Revenge any easier, but there is a way to make it funnier.

Recently, Youtube user winter eve uploaded a Destiny video clip in which a glitch allows a Warlock to dance with Skolas in the Prison of Elders capsule-opening cutscene.

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Neonridr1222d ago

hahaha, that's hilarious.

bunt-custardly1222d ago

Not hilarious imo but very clever how it worked out if you read the description. Mad props.

Neonridr1222d ago

oh no? I thought it was pretty darn funny to see the capsule open up to have a warlock dancing in front of Skolas..

maybe just me then.

bunt-custardly1222d ago

To each his own Neonridr... to each his own.