Farming Simulator 15 Review – As Exciting As Watching Wheat Grow | COG

There is no doubt that the Farming Simulator series has a loyal group of hard-core fans. But, if this latest iteration is any indicator, newcomers might find that playing it is more work than fun.

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Digital_Anomaly1320d ago

Ehrmagherd, I can't wait until my Mad Catz Farming Simulator peripherals show up!


KillerPwned1320d ago

I actually know someone that once he finds out about the controller. I could see him getting really psyched and buying it. I don't get how some people get so into this game but whatever floats their boat.

Cdn_Seahawks_Fan1320d ago

I have no clue why, this game intrigues me. I juat cant see myself paying full price though.

generalwinter1320d ago

I once worked on a farm - I'll never look at goats the same way again.

Digital_Anomaly1319d ago

This is just seething with innuendo! LOL!

RosweeSon1320d ago

My mates mate has bought a ps4 and then the games he went for... Call of duty Ghosts and this farming simulator, what a waste of a great console haha, each to their own i suppose.

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