PES 2016 launches one week ahead of FIFA 16 this September

PES 2016 will launch on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC one week ahead of FIFA 16 on September 18, Konami has announced.

The release date means that only 10 months will have passed since last year's PES, which launched in the UK in November 2014.

This year's game introduces dynamic weather to the series for the first time, along with improved visuals, an enhanced collision system, the ability to control goal celebrations and new commentators Peter Drury and Marco Hagemann.

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Speak_da_Truth1226d ago

Great!! Last year's PES was better than Fifa 15 and it was the first PES I've played after playing only Fifa for ages.

totalrecoilzz1226d ago

pes 15 lasted 5 hours with me the most off putting thing was the goal keepers attemps to save the ball they just looked like they dived for the ball like my 5 year old would it was pathetic and a major turn off oh and the commentary.

Thefreeman0121226d ago

I'm betting that PES will have champions league this year, but next year might be with FIFA.. Only way I'd by FIFA this year is if they update career mode and acquire champions league

jaeEvuhL1226d ago

Lol it will still fall short with all the fake teams in the game 😂