Fifa 16 E3 Teaser Shared, Gives A Glimpse Of Things To Come

SegmentNext - Teaser featured Lionel Messi walking out to the Camp Nou stadium as fans roar upon his arrival on to the field. Here’s your first look at Fifa 16 “Beautiful Game” teaser.

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SniperControl1228d ago

Maybe there's a new feature that allows you to bribe fifa to get a world cup?

Palitera1228d ago

6 seconds of foots walking, nothing more. No glimpse of anything.

Don't even bother.

--Onilink--1228d ago

so... im guessing Messi on the cover again.. -_-

SourtreeDing1228d ago

i might do pes this time around.. i think fifa will just be the same again. ill see i guess

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The story is too old to be commented.