'Second-rate James Bond games a thing of the past'

MCV: Developer of Quantum Of Solace says it will change perceptions of 007 licence

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riddlesticks3792d ago

i always liked the james bond games and i would love to see an AAA version of one... wow that would be awesome

Andronix3792d ago

Im actually really looking forward to this. GoldenEye is still an eternal FPS/ multiplayer classic for me.

EA churned out a few ropey bond games. Im glad the developer is saying that this is more than just a license, its a gamers game. But then they are hardly gonna say "We've made the same old sorta sh*t that EA made!"
Fingers crossed this could be a great game.

Truplaya3792d ago

goldeneye was the best film licenced game ever, so the series hasnt always been bad. I liked the Nightfire one too

supahbad3792d ago

he looks like a monkey in the screen shot, see how his upper lip looks and his non gun arm drags on the ground

Rhezin3792d ago

is the only BOND game I'll play. If it ever makes it to XBL

na2ru13792d ago

is definitely a lot more of a gaming character than all the rest. hope this game turns out well