Bungie to bring Halo to iPhone?

Alright kids, rumour time. Bungie is bringing Halo to iPhone.

That's right, a touchscreen-toting motion-sensing version of Halo, probably with wi-fi deathmatches. And stuff. At least, that's the word round the camp fire, which has been fuelled in no small part by Bungie's recent decision to give iPhones to all of it's staff.

There was a Mac version of halo after all...

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TheColbertinator3742d ago

Not far enough actually.Remember they need Halo to sell Slurpees.Make the cash MCsoft.I know I would

deeznuts3742d ago

Didn't bungie say they were leaving MS, to finally do some new projects, and the two rumors are one, halo game, two, halo iphone game? WTH?

jamilion3742d ago

People make fun of PSP because it doesn't have a second A-stick and FPS just plain suck on PSP. How would it feel like playing an FPS on a touch screen?

Xi3742d ago

like metroid prime hunters for the DS, or like the "halo ds" game...

zapass3742d ago

and that's why this story is a joke

The gaming GOD3742d ago

Aren't they already trying to find a way to combat the iphone?

Why allow your flagship series to go to one of your greatest competitors?

Leo Atrox3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

Kudos for being the first commentor to almost-but-not-quite point out that Microsoft owns the "Halo" property and not Bungie. (I don't count "Steven Colbert" because he said "MCsoft" which is an Austrailian wireless software company.)

Ultimately, it would come down to what Microsoft wants. Granted, they allow Rare (a subsidiary) to create DS games; so it isn't outside the realm of possibilities that they would allow Bungie to use the "Halo" license to make an iPhone game. It would make MS some extra coin.

The gaming GOD3742d ago

But MS isn't trying to compete with the DS. So I can see them allowing rare to make some DS games

But they are trying to make the Zune compete with the iphone. That's why Halo going to the iphone is just so hard for me to believe

Leo Atrox3742d ago

I hope you're wrong. As a person raised in Bellevue, WA, I have to have a little more faith in the folks up there than to believe that they are so delusional as to think that the Zune is any competition for the iPhone.

The gaming GOD3742d ago

Hey man I hear you. It is a bit hard to believe. It does sound far-fetched. But MS has already stated that they want to attempt to make Zune into a phone/gaming device to try to outpace the iphone.

In a press conference two months ago, they openly said they felt Zune could be ample competition for the iphone.

My opinion, no chance in hell. That is one hell of an uphill battle for the Zune. That much is certain

Shroomy3742d ago

It's a shame it hasn't changed the MP3 player market at all really, because it's dominated by a trend "iPod".

A Zune phone, coupled with great gaming abilities could very well be Microsoft's answer to both the PSP, DS and the iPhone. I would really like to see Microsoft do that!

PS3n3603742d ago

Internet explorer is on mac, MS office is on mac, Why not Halo. Money is money. Only fanboys are dillusional enough to think that loyalty in the business world isnt bought and sold like anything else. And I am not accusing you of being a fanboy. Just saying.

Elven63742d ago

You guys are forgetting Microsoft has something called "Windows Mobile", its a crazy little OS that brings Windows to PDA's! Microsoft has full control over the license, they would release it for Windows Mobile before releasing it for iPhone!

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Pain3742d ago

So Halo "Would Not" be on a mac platform?....

Halo Game: Hi mac long time no see!
Apple : eww u dirty now...

TheDietzofLegends3742d ago

Without triggers fps, just don't cut it. OOOO let me touch the screen to crouch...oooops threw a grenade at my feet. That's ok I'll sprint away...hmmmm where's the run button...BOOM!

PS3n3603742d ago

Could be a variation of the Halo Wars RTS whcih would work really well on the touch screen, I would go so far as to say it would work better on a touch screen than with a controller.

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