The Witcher III: Wild Hunt Review - An unpolished classic?

Dealspwn: While the decidedly average combat and alarming number of technical gremlins are disappointing for a title that's been in development for so long, The Witcher III: Wild Hunt is still a must-buy title for genre fans. The Northern Kingdoms is vast and beautiful setting, packed with unique adventures and touching tales that you'll find away from the beats of the main story. A title to truly lose yourself in.

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bggriffiths1223d ago

Still a fair few rough edges on this despite patches. But all very fixable. The text needs an actual size increase (not just making bold, CDPR!). Candle vs opening chests/looting is STILL a thing despite the patch.

The X icon disappearing or not working with doors and quest-giving NPCs is getting on my nerves too. But as I say, fixable.

SaveFerris1223d ago

'Unpolished'? CD Projekt is based in Warsaw. /s

Scottyxboxoneandps41223d ago

Sorry but it's one of the most polished open world games out there.

bggriffiths1223d ago

Ha, well if you compare it to AC: Unity it is!