Bloodstained Kickstarter’s Final Hours Tick Down; Will It Reach the Roof?

"As of this writing, there are about 16 hours left while funds, not counting PayPal donations, sit at about $4,670,000. This means a third playable character will be in the game for sure, and a prequel mini game will be coming. Should the project reach $5 million, a Roguelike Dungeon Mode. That’s a completely different genre from Metroidvanias, so if that plays out like it sounds like, it could be like getting an extra whole game. (See also: Last Mission in Final Fantasy X-2." -PSLS

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knifefight1227d ago

Roguelike Castlevania? I'd be curious to see how that plays.

DarkOcelet1227d ago

Its a Roguelike mode, the main campaign will be scripted and all that.

knifefight1227d ago (Edited 1227d ago )

Is it procedurally generated Castlevania rooms or is it more like an actual Roguelike (such as Shiren the Wanderer)?

Neonridr1226d ago

@knife - they haven't released all the details for it. Assuming the campaign crossed the 5 million mark the devs will fully explain what that goal means.

Hold_It1226d ago

@knifefight, I guess that means the dungeon will be randomly generated?

someOnecalled1226d ago

isnt it tons of indie games like this?

Availation1226d ago

I'm guessing the Roguelike Mode will be similar to Rogue Legacy.

phoenixwake1226d ago

Yeah, that's what I was thinking too. Fine by me, I love that game.

Imagine Rogue Legacy with proper progression, better combat mechanics and 2-player co-op.