Why The Phantom Pain's Mother Base is a great feature

MWEB GameZone writes: "The idea of a constantly changing and upgraded homebase is something we wish more games did. It gives a sense of permanence in the game’s world; it shows you’ve had some kind of impact that is uniquely yours. It’s a way to show the game’s world, “I was here"

One only hopes more games start including upgradable, personalisable homebases."

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SonZeRo1228d ago

I like features like this, aslong as it adds to the game and doesnt distract from it.

HanCilliers1228d ago

We'll have to play it to know for sure, but it sounds freaking awesome.

HoldenZA1228d ago

There may be some great potential but they will need to rely on player support to keep the project up to standard worth while

Sillicur1228d ago

I like the idea. Yoh this game sounds great

plut0nash1228d ago

Didn't Splinter Cell try this at some point?