Devil May Cry Series May Not Continue If Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition Doesn’t Sell Enough

The Devil May Cry series may not continue if DMC4 Special Edition doesn't sell enough, Hideaki Itsuno confirmed in a recent interview

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Zay1277d ago

So they're putting all their hopes on a remaster.

breakpad1277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

it probably wont sell and that is their fault (not because is a bad offer but because had already its share in the market 7 years before) ...instead off giving resources making the absolute abomination which is called DmC and afterward try save themeselves with remasters they should have developed a proper DMC 5 sequel (made in japan) no matter how long would take ...idiots in CapcomHQ ..what you sow you harvest

Crimzon1277d ago

Yup, just look at how poorly DmC sold compared to DMC4. Didn't Capcom have to readjust sales estimates for DmC twice to shareholders? I remember the game completely bombing and selling far less than they anticipated, even after they already slashed their sales estimates in half.

They should have listened to the fans, and they should have let a competent developer make the game instead. Ninja Theory have yet to make a good game, and their arrogance and stubborn refusal to listen to any critiques of their game blew up in their faces.

Sevir1277d ago

DMC4 sold 2.5 million life time. DmC sold 2.3 million life time. People love to blame DmC as the reason, the truth is hack and slash games just aren't that popular anymore and shooters have poisoned the market with its deluge of over saturation.

DmC is a fantastic game in every right.

People didn't run out and by DMC4 and drives because Capcom also had to drop sales forecasts for that entry as well, and if you look at consumer reception in 2008 the run up to the release fans weren't really happy with DMC4, that's the whole Damn reason the IP was rebooted in hopes of giving a focused story and action that was manageable to fans and new comers alike.

But who gives a hoot about awesome hack and slash games when the next generic shooters is dominating the top 10 sales charts month after month?

bouzebbal1277d ago

DMC4 was garbage to me, Nero is a terrible character compared to Dante.
i'm for sure not gonna get this remaster. I'm not buying a game i didn't like another time.

Baka-akaB1277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

Best selling Capcom games as of December 31, 2014 from Capcom's official site :

11 2008 Devil May Cry 4 3.00 millions .

35 2013 DmC Devil May Cry 1.60 millions

no need to fudge DMC4's number downward to defend a game , that's not classy

darren_poolies1277d ago

DmC is not even close to an abomination, it was a good game.

InTheLab1277d ago

Sony to the rescue! The very first game I played on Ps2 was DMC. How can Capcom repeatedly make poor decisions? They have to know fans have been patiently waiting for a real DMC. The people who defend that trash reboot didn't support the game and now our only hope for a real DMC sequel is a remaster of a ps3 game?

hay1277d ago

CAPCOM didn't listen to the fanbase, didn't listen to the market changes and now it's riding DMC to the ground.

Ride it CAPCOM, ride it, loose the confidence in the franchise, destroy its value, it'll be easier to be picked up by the Platinum Games.

Entonations1277d ago

Am I seriously the only one that loves DMC? The game itself is solid.

Roccetarius1277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

Of course you would downplay the events of DMC 4, because you're in love with the reboot, Sevir. the worst thing about DMC 4 was the cutting of content supposed to be in the game, replaced by backtracking instead. Capcom shot themselves in the foot in that case.

Come again when you're not downplaying the most successful game of the series.

Oh, and if Capcom is serious about DMC, then they should release a properly made 1, 2 and 3 collection on Steam as well. The port already there is terrible.

crxss1277d ago

Lol such a bs statement. Dmc will come back regardless if the remaster sells or not

zidane13411277d ago

Dmc was great. You don't know what the f your talking about.

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bmf73641277d ago

Not just any remaster. A remaster of the shittiest DMC. It's like Capcom is using a double-edged sword at this point.

Furesis1277d ago

3,4,1,2 in that order for me at least

Unreal011277d ago

DMC4 was my favourite. Can't wait for this.

Cuzzo631277d ago

If only the did true DMC with the white haired Dante. DMC3 and the original were classics. Probably one of the coolest characters since Learns and the wanna reboot it? They know best tho. R.I.P white haired demon hunter. Smh

showtimefolks1277d ago

That's stupid why should people have to buy a game twice for the series to continue. Now if Capcom gives us ominusha HD remaster we will buy it

I know I won't be picking this up as I already bought and played it

2cents1277d ago

What a truly stupid move.

I don't want to buy it AGAIN, but I would like a new DMC.

Some people really 'don't get it'.

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DarkOcelet1277d ago

What?! Thats bad.

Hopefully Sony/MS fund them. Or just buy them.

die_fiend1277d ago

Buy who? Capcom? Unlikely!

Not sure MS will be too interested after SFV...
They did shut the doors of Clover who created these games so it's no surprise that they're not what they used to be.

Wish Bayonetta 2 came to PS4

ritsuka6661277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

Blame Capcom for ruined the franchise.Capcom and Ninja Theory ruined the brand themselves.

Btw, I will not be buying this crap game because of Capcom ruined the franchise with DMC.

wheresmymonkey1277d ago

DmC was a really good game,If DMC4 hadn't been mediocre at best and Bayonetta hadn't out done it in every way possible DmC would never have existed.

That said how Capcom have handled these resmasters is absolutely shocking. They should have released them both together on a disc for £25. But i guess the plan was to see which one did better, then continue the series in the direction of whichever one sold the most copies.

Fact that it isn't a fair test hasn't seemed to have come into it though. both should have been releasded for £10-15 digitally by themselves and together on disc for £30 like Metro Redux was.

TRU3_GAM3R1277d ago

DMC4 is better than that crap DmC...

Sevir1277d ago

I prefer DmC:Definite Edition to DMC4

Crimzon1277d ago

I agree with Ritsuka666. Ninja Theory have yet to make a good game and they absolutely butchered Devil May Cry. They can create nice graphics sure, and they know how to use color well, but they simply can't craft good gameplay, especially for the genre of game that they keep trying to tackle.

The saddest part is that they honestly thought that most complaints with their DmC reboot were about how Dante looked, and not the atrocious combat system and weak gameplay. They're a terrible developer.

WeAreLegion1277d ago

They've made three incredible games. I get that you don't like them, but I know many people who did. Enslaved was one of my favorites of last generation.

wheresmymonkey1277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

They'e really good at story, and design. Hell,they managed to turn Dante into an interesting and complex character rather than the paper thin mummys boy he was in the originals. And I say this as a fan of the series.

Gameplay was actually the one part of DmC that Ninja Theory had very little to do with. they called in the guys that worked on previous entries in the series to help craft the new fighting system. So if you want to blame anyone, blame capcom. I thought it was simpler but still a lot of fun.

DanteVFenris6661277d ago

@wheresmymonkey did I really just see that? Did I really just see someone call the fanfic twighlight version of Dante be called more interesting? Like seriously? Compared to the badass, full of life and energy character of Dante.

He wasn't complex he literally just acted like a douche the entire time. While the original Dante acted like how he should have been -an immortal demon Demi god, who loved pizza, didn't take life seriously(even though he should have) and was halarious.

ritsuka6661277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

Capcom allowed Ninja Theory to violate the brand and betray the real core fans and the original flavor of the series and twisting it into something totally contrary to what the Devil May Cry series stood for and how it was presented.

wheresmymonkey1277d ago

What was that though? Like honestly tell me. Because i've yet to find a 'core fan' Which being someone who's played every last entry in the series I think i am.

From what i can remember of the seires. 1 was great, 2 was awful, three was brilliant, 4 was meh.

its not story becuase its always been crap, you can't say its characters because even dante in 1-4 isn't a sympathetic character he's a walking cliche.

Gameplay yet again the systems have been seriously all over the place. 1 was great for the time, 2 yet again terrible, 3 best in the series. 4 was ok.

Kamiya was the guy that made DMC great and he now makes Bayonetta. you want the continuation of DMC as it was originally. Seriously go get a wiiu and play bayo one and 2. Its a better DMC game than either 4 or DmC were.

DanteVFenris6661277d ago

How was he a walking cliche? And not having much of a story is better than having a terrible story I'll tell you what's wrong.

- changed every single character, not one could look or even act remotely close to the original.
- they got rid of styles, sure they added the weapon swapping but that was already in dmc games before that these weapons though had better uses I'll give you that but the list of the style system puts it way down then it's weapons could ever put up.
-wtf did they do to the devil trigger? Stops time? Like what?
-he's half angel half demon now
-totally demolishing the story where it shouldn't have even been called dmc and was only done so for sales.
-dmc original was a lot more comical
- controls were done worst than past games, couldn't do I a stinger for the life of me
- protagonist reminded me of twighlight
-nothing kept to the original comical badassery of dantes diolgue
- the demons infesting the news and media was a terrible story and I would rather not have such a pussy ass demon which were never ever portrayed to be so slimy in past games.
- vergil sucked
-basically said f you to the fan base with the wig joke

Luckily I got it for free on Ps+ I wouldn't pay for that shit.

ZaWarudo1277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

I really hope it sells well. I like that they actually added some content instead of just slapping 1080p, solid 60fps and giving it a ridiculous price tag like other remasters.

$25 for this. it's digital only but i still think it's a steal.


The asia physical copies have english dub.

Furesis1277d ago

but it will have japanese text soo... though i think u can change that im not sure but digital is fine with me i already have the older one as physical copy and i dont wanna spent money needlessly

sashimi1277d ago

This is capcom so..its as good as dead without another backer