VR cannot steal the traditional market - it has to create a new one

Sitting in the cockpit of a spacecraft, trapped in an underwater cage surrounded by sharks or trapped in a dark house with a silent pursuer.

It’s not hard to conjure a list of experiences that when coupled with virtual reality will become almost magical. Anyone who has tried VR will tell you that it offers something that traditional games, or indeed any form of traditional media, simply cannot match. It’s certainly very exciting.

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SaveFerris1226d ago

VR porn can expand the market. Then watch it explode.

Linsolv1225d ago

VR porn, VR simulators, VR horror games.

That's where I see the tech having a lot of real success.

Oculus support on something like The Witcher won't be that good anyways, and it's not like 3rd-person games are just going to go away with the invention of this INCREDIBLE NEW TECHNOLOGY.