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Your enemies are.. quite frankly slightly disturbing to look at, and on more than one occasion I did find myself jumping out of my seat when I was grabbed from behind in a darkened corridor - Writes Gary Cook

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IrishSt0ner1250d ago

Amazing game, a big step up from the first, already a winner in my mind. Few things about the early access is the lack of maps, only one boss and limited number of weapons.. but this is okay as new content is always incoming.

It's a 6 player co-op but on modded servers you can have up to 100players, man I can not describe just how awesome these servers are... one even has 12 maps already (main game only 4 maps to date).

One of the best early access purchases I've made to date.

UglyGeezer1250d ago

I keep on hearing this, good to know.

Zefros1250d ago

It's coming to ps4, can't wait to get my hands on it since i really don't have pc.