Find Destiny: Xur Agent of the Nine vendor location – June 12-14, 2015

Xur Agent of the Nine is back this Friday. Check out his location and range of exotic wares.

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rezzah1227d ago

What is he selling? don't have access to the site.

ThatOneRiggaNob1227d ago

MK.44 Stand Asides

Mask of the Third Man

Light Beyond Nemesis

Universal Remote

Exotic Chest Engram

Exotic Shard

Plasma Drive

Emerald Coil

Heavy Ammo Synthesis

Shotgun Telemetry

Hand Cannon Telemetry

Scout Rifle Telemetry

Majin-vegeta1227d ago

I hope he never sells the Ghallahorn or however the hell you spell it.

thekhurg1227d ago

Why? So the elitest few that got lucky to get one can continue to pick and choose raid teams based on drop luck vs player skill?

Neonridr1227d ago

gotta keep playing.. you'll get one eventually. I just got my 3rd. No rhyme or reason as to how or when you get it. Luck of the draw my friend..

what raid do you need a Gjallarhorn for now? Crota is a joke now with a level 34 swordbearer, and the vault never needed a Gjallarhorn to begin with (when would you use it?)

thekhurg1227d ago

I haven't been able to get into a Crota raid without Ghorn this entire expansion.

Even though it's not needed, it makes Crota himself so absurdly easy that people think it's required.

Sevir1227d ago

Lol. I finally got back into the game after being away from it since Jan, my only 2 exotic weapons was the Monty Carlo, and the Suros and Alpha lupi. I got the Gjallahorn after completing the Crota's End Raid for my first time, all my friends who had it couldn't stop praising it, and they'd have it for months, I love it

Kribwalker1227d ago

My friend has gotten three of them......I still don't have one and I've got two lvl 33 characters and I got my wife's character to lvl 30 with nothing either

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