Xbox and Oculus Partner to Change the Face of Virtual Reality

Xbox Wire:
Virtual reality has been a part of popular culture for decades, but for many years it served more as a sci-fi narrative device than as a viable technology for consumers. That has changed dramatically in recent years, as advances in technology have finally allowed the geniuses creating virtual reality platforms to bring their visions to life like never before. The era of virtual reality is here.

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showtimefolks1227d ago

Let's wait till we know more about VR. Thing I read from all sites 30 minutes of play with VR made people dizzy,fatigued etc,

Hopefully things will clear up at e3. I feel and I know I am most likely wrong, but could VR be just like a thing the same way motion control was few years back

Hellsvacancy1227d ago (Edited 1227d ago )

VR could be HUGE if done right, I REALLY recommend reading or getting the audiobook for Ready Player One

I hated on VR a little in the past, but now I can see the possibilities after reading that awesome book, it's the next step in turning the internet from a two-dimensional space into a three-dimensional space

Read it before Steven Spielbergo ruins it

showtimefolks1227d ago

Lol sure man I will thanks for the recommendation.

I am not against it neither am I hating on it. All I said was let's wait till we find out more. I will check out the book thanks again

And good joke about Steven lol

donthate1227d ago

I am thinking MS will announce something more between Oculus and MS at E3:

major nelson: Next week is E3, which is one of the largest event in the industry. Can we expect to hear more from Oculus and HoloLens next week.

kudo tsunada: Certainly I think we'il be making a lot of announcement about everything going on at Microsoft Studios, but people should tune into the keynote. You are going to see some big news coming out in all areas.

Irishguy951227d ago

Its incredible, after all the praise of Ps4 and its VR on this site and now Xbox and Occ Rift negativity.

Not saying you personally showtime, but its just another glaring observation of N4G.

Halolens is where its at anyway for me.

moomoo3191227d ago

maybe because Xbox's reveal was pitiful haha

MasterCornholio1226d ago

"Its incredible, after all the praise of Ps4 and its VR on this site and now Xbox and Occ Rift negativity."

Morpheus on PS4:

Oculus on XB1:

I think its pretty obvious from these two videos the type of VR that gamers are interested in.

Thats why people praise Morpheus and the PS4 because it puts the player in the game. Not the player inside a virtual movie theater which is a joke in my opinion.

s45gr321227d ago

It could end up that way, or it could end up like Sword Art Online the nirvana of virtual reality 😼

TRS_Gear1227d ago

It's good to see Kudo decided to start dressing like an adult in a white collar buisness.


XeyedGamer1227d ago

Well that was 3 mins I'll never get back.

Anorexorcist1227d ago (Edited 1227d ago )

Microsoft themselves seem to be driving the hype for this new deal to very high levels.

This video didn't announce anything new from what Phil Spencer said yesterday. So...simple VR streaming of Xbox One games will change the face of virtual reality???

I understand it can all change and evolve as time goes on, but this is some serious hyperbole and it is coming directly from Microsoft. It seems at this point that they are just trying to steal any momentum away from Sony's Morpheus.

XeyedGamer1227d ago

Looks as though they're aiming to change reality more so than a virtual one.

kneon1227d ago

This is Microsoft yelling "Hey Look, me too" before E3 where Sony will talk a lot about Morpheus.

Godmars2901227d ago

Yeah. This isn't coming off as the least bit haphazard what with MS still developing their own VR while having to be concerned what Sony's going to do with, how they're going to show, theirs.

I mean even if what's shown with Morpheus is as good as OR, VR run off just a console versus content off a PC plus streamed off a console, MS have taken an early lead with this announcement. They have momentum.

Still, the only thing to ruin it would be the realization of just needing a PS4, vs a XB0+PC. A high end PC.

That's the part that doesn't make any sense to me: MS seems to be going for general market appeal, but there's no way that they're going to get it when you need a high end PC and their console. There's no way that they can achieve wide appeal, where as Sony might even if their VR rig costs as much as a PS4.

freshslicepizza1227d ago


microsoft is trying to be more open. unlike what consoles are, a walled garden. by partnering itself with the pc and having windows 10 being more universal it opens up more potential customers but more importantly keeps people within the windows ecosystem. project morpheus will only work with the ps4.

what i still don't understand is that demo they showed playing forza. what's the point of that? people want to play in the virtual world, not a virtual room. i personally don't think the xbox one is capable of oculus rift support in the way we all think it should be played. the pc requirements are pretty high. but since it's about streaming window 10 devices this is all they can come up with. kinda pointless imo. people don't really want kinect in games so i doubt people will want oculus rift for the xbox one.

s45gr321227d ago

Or combine it with the Holo Lens.

Godmars2901227d ago

It wasn't that no one wanted Kinect, it was that MS couldn't sell it because they were more focused on selling than making it work. They promised things like Milo and a Star Wars game then either failed to deliver or worse - set off internet memes about them being unable to deliver.

Likewise they're promising things with OR which raising rather than answering questions. Like will the Rift play on the XB0 alone or just how powerful a PC will be needed to play console games in a virtual room?

What is the point of playing console games in virtual room?

This is a good thing for OR, because otherwise, they'd be SOL if MS directly opposed the one general platform they needed. This is a confusing thing for MS because, unless they quietly shelve it, they have their own entry into VR which now has to compete with a competitive product they're supporting and endorsing. And again, if neither version of these VR rigs can't play on an Xbox alone, need a high end PC, that slims the market OR and MS are to reach as they deal with each other. With Sony in the background just needing their VR to be almost as good and a bit cheaper than a PS4 alone.

And consoles aren't a walled garden - they're a broken garden. A dead garden that's been forced into the shadow of PCs. By that I mean if Nintendo made a system as powerful as XB0/PS4 that didn't rely on updates or online, something that the general consumer could just use rather than require IT help, they'd own the industry again.

Not that that will happen...

rainslacker1227d ago (Edited 1227d ago )

I'm personally more excited for the things that the streaming/overlay effect can actually bring to the table. It wasn't really shown in the video though, and if that is the only thing it can provide then it won't change anything.

However, given the requirements to do anything substantial, it's going to have a hard time gaining traction, as if one does have a PC to run OR, it would just make more sense to build those features for a PC release of the game. Speaking from a pub/dev standpoint, this makes more sense, as it doesn't divide your audience, and you wouldn't have to pay licensing fees to MS.

Basically, there's potential in the idea, but MS had the most lackluster showing of what that potential actually is. Most of my excitement is based around my dev mind imagining the possibilities, and not what will likely come to pass from a marketable standpoint.

Otherwise, I don't really see this tech as something that would be limited to one console platform. Any streamed content could essentially have the same premise applied to it. I also see very little reason why a virtual cinema would be desired over a regular HMD. I don't really go to the cinema to see the walls and other seats.

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2pacalypsenow1227d ago

I see VR going the same route as 3D and Motion controls/cameras

Only thing i see i would use is watching a movie and feeling like im at the movie theater

WeAreLegion1227d ago

VR has already lead to several new gameplay mechanics that weren't possible before. And the development support for VR is already larger than it ever was for 3D, Move, or Kinect.

VR will be huge.

strickers1227d ago

I take it you haven't used it then?

darkoops1227d ago

From wot i been reading,im not keen on xboned.ps4 havnt seen a whole lot,but i always been a console gamer,so when vr hits id rather shell out and go pc to get a true experience.dont wonna see jaggy lines stuttering etc. Will vr even be how we dreamt it would be like in the movies?,prob not in the begging.we still gotta hold onto a controller etc!

WeAreLegion1227d ago

Something tells me your lunch money won't cover a decent PC.

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