Chrono Trigger – A game That Wanted Everything And Got It

ASidCast: "In my previous article, I had discussed how From Software‘s excellent Bloodborne served as a reminder why Fantasy RPGs need to step out of the Medieval era. On N4G, I read a comment which said that a great idea for an RPG would be a sci-fi/fantasy hybrid with time travel element in it. It could encompass all ages including Medieval, Stone Age, far future, near future and recent past. You could go from dinosaurs to sci-fi battles with aliens in a single game.

Now, if possible, time travel back 25 years and ask yourself the same questions. All of a sudden, that vision doesn’t seem so pleasant anymore. Forget getting out of the medieval era, this shit is getting way out of hand!

This is pretty much why I smiled when I read such a comment, because all of this did already happened back in 1995. Considering my previous article, this one seemed like the only logical follow-up."

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bixxel1251d ago

Chrono tiger is one of the greatest games ever made.

bixxel1250d ago

Let's see:
- A very complex story.
- Jumping to two completely different timelines
- Multiple endings (Personal reason to like it)
- Awesome soundtracks
- A non cliche plot twist (many modern games fail in this category)

cm_1250d ago

never heard of chrono tiger. a time travelling cat sounds great though.

bixxel1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

Not tiger. It's 'trigger'. Yeah I made that mistake too. Anyway, my friends are suddenly going crazy over this game. Right now.. In fact, they're talking about it while I'm writing this. LOL. Co incidence.

SakataXGintoki1245d ago

Well *SPOILER* in the end the main character's cat does go into the time travelling machine so you might be onto something.