Tango Gameworks hiring for next project, likely using Unreal Engine 4

"Tango Gameworks is on a hiring spree for their next project, with positions ranging from programmers to sound designers. There are some interesting tidbits in there, though. Some positions require expertise in Unreal Engine 4, which probably means their next project is using this engine (Goodbye, id tech 5?). What's more, it seems like it's a next-gen only game, mentioning PS4/XBO numerous times."

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Axisian1223d ago

Well, I won't miss that crappy id tech 5 myself

RaTaTaT1222d ago

Evil within 2 using unreal engine 4 hell yes. Evil within was a good game but id tech 5 was just bad. I just hope they can keep the lighting from the first one.

Axisian1222d ago

I won't mind a new IP myself.