Chinese online game where players bomb Japanese cities is criticised in Japan

A new game by Chinese internet giant NetEase has been criticised for rewarding players on a mission to blitz 15 Japanese cities in a warplane. It also thanks players for “contributing to world peace”.

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Booma2091d ago

This would be no big if the company behind the game was some unknown no-name company, but coming from NetEase, Chinese publisher of WoW and one of the biggest internet companies in the country it just comes off as very unprofessional. Especially when you consider that NetEase does have already several business joints with many Japanese companies like Square Enix to publish their games in China.

Erik73572091d ago (Edited 2091d ago )

They may have a bit of nationality pride.
Recently there has been a lot of drama between China and its neighboring countries over islands and China Sea....
China and Japan are fighting for islands around them.
The Chinese in general hate the Japanese and the Japanese in general hate the Chinese.
In fact, almost all the Asian countries hate each other in some way. Especially on Japan since they left a mark on their neighbors from WW2 after they did multiple horrific genocides on the Chinese, Indonesians, Koreans, Filipinos, and Indochinese during WW2.

So, professionalism in these Chines companies can be expected after previous encounters with their people.