'Street Fighter V, in any iteration, will never release on Xbox One'

MWEB GameZone writes: "All exclusivity deals are not created equal. When is it greed and when is it looking out for the fans?

What can the Sony/Capcom exclusivity deal bring to Street Fighter V that will make it so much more superior?

Let's take a look."

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HanCilliers1228d ago

Totally, and worst thing is I doubt the exclusivity deal will improve the games all that much.

Ezz20131228d ago (Edited 1228d ago )

Even though Sony doing this with a multiplat game is really wrong

I have to say that they are really smart when it comes to exclusives
they always make sure that those games stay exclusives..they didn't waste money on it only to be timed exclusive

2pacalypsenow1228d ago (Edited 1228d ago )

Sony help make the game , why would they want their investment on a competitors console

Ristul1228d ago

Ezz2013 Well, Sony had to answer for Tomb Raider timed exclusive in some fasion. This was perhaps a Little overkill but still, they have to stay competitive.

Bennibop1228d ago (Edited 1228d ago )

This game was not going to happen, its only due to Sony cofounding the project that it is seeing the light of day.

Seem like a lot of Xbox fans forgot that Microsoft also cofounded a Capcom project...Dead Rising 3.

NewMonday1228d ago


commissioning games from scratch is a positive thing same as Bayonetta2

Tomb Raider was already in development and the money MS paid was to block it momentary from another platform, MS pay more for 6 months exclusivity than funding their own IP like Phantom Dust.

starchild1228d ago

I dislike the practice of 3rd party exclusives, no matter who's doing it. And, I'm sorry, but I will generally not believe it when they say things like "this game wouldn't have been possible without this partnership". They always say things like that, but I don't believe it's true in the vast majority of cases. It's just PR speak most of the time.

MrSec841228d ago

You can't improve a game more than to actually help make it a reality!

Capcom stated outright that they didn't have the resources to make a new Street Fighter way back in 2013, Sony steps up to actually help make the game happen and they're meant to allow the game to come to Xbox?
That makes no sense from a business POV!

Let's not forget that PS4 is where the majority of sales are for Software on consoles and it's not a small gap either, the gap is sometimes 100% or more larger compared to the competition.

You make the game for an audience, not for where it won't sell.

From what's been shown so far the gameplay has actually undergone multiple improvements over the past versions of the game.
Sony understands gameplay and they have a great working relationship with Capcom, hence why mulitple projects are being developed between Sony and Capcom, I wouldn't be surprised if we saw more of this kind of thing happen this generation and Sony may actually help Capcom to get back to their former glory.

Septic1228d ago (Edited 1228d ago )

Well this is Street Fighter and if anyone thinks that the franchise was going to die without outside help is frankly, in my opinion, deluded. They helped for sure, just like MS did with Dead Rising, Titanfall (which a lot of people liked to dismiss as meer marketing fluff).

I didn't see the massive furor over this with loads of petitions and people calling for a ban on it like I did with the Tomb Raider fiasco and that title is a timed exclusive! That's what irks me; its a double standard in my opinion- if anything, the people shedding tears with the latter example need to apply the same mentality here but they aren't.

In any case, I'll be buying this day one. It is a massive coup on behalf of Sony. Street Fighter is the biggest fighting franchise out there. Kudos to Sony for capitalising on this.


"MS pay more for 6 months exclusivity than funding their own IP like Phantom Dust"

Please provide proof of this.

Why o why1228d ago

Despite this being clarified, there will still be some who profess this will appear on the xbox (look at autocad below). . .kinda like metal gear 4. . . . Never happened.

Personally the wait for the next version of the most popular and longest running fighting game is a pain in the as*

Apollosupreme1228d ago

These deals have nothing to do with "making a better game".

Baka-akaB1228d ago (Edited 1228d ago )


It isnt a matter of Street Fighter dying . SFV just wouldnt come out anytime that soon with the budget and will for it not there yet over at Capcom . At least 3-4 yars later , or maybe taking even as long as SFIV to happen

freshslicepizza1227d ago


"Sony help make the game , why would they want their investment on a competitors console"

then explain why bloodborne isn't on the pc but this is?

and exclusive deals are not for the fans, exclusive deals are to help sell hardware. hence the wood exclusion, it's to exclude others.

Sevir1227d ago

But SF5 was deal was inked long before The TR debacle... Since this generation started Sony and Capcom have been doing business... Deep down is exclusive. Dragon's Dogma Online is a PS exclusive, Ultra SF4 was hinted as coming exclusively to PS4 when it's trophy data was leaked before E3 in May 2014, only to be confirmed in December later that year.

Their partnership started long before the generation started. If you look at the PS4 reveal, Capcom was amongst the first to get PS4 devkits. In fact They said Sony helped them codeveloped the Panta Rhei engine and the first major title to use it "Deep Down". Sony went back after PS3 and made sure based were covered. If SF5 as an IP is completely exclusive to one console, then Sony's complete involvement makes sense. Much like how MS is completely involved in Scalebound and was involved in Titan Fall.

Baka-akaB1227d ago

people can doubt it as much as they want , but Ono and a few capcom producers had statement about their lack of funds and budget for games like SFV (and even expanding Marvel ) for a long while , way before SFV and its deal was announced .

It was an obvious call for anyone between Sony , MS or even Nintendo to step in and reaps the benefits

freshslicepizza1227d ago (Edited 1227d ago )

"Tomb Raider was already in development and the money MS paid was to block it momentary from another platform, MS pay more for 6 months exclusivity than funding their own IP like Phantom Dust."

show me ps4 footage of tomb raider.

why is it ok for capcom to suggest that street fighter v would not come out this early unless sony stepped in but when square-enix says sales of the last tomb raider did not meet sales expectations that microsoft is helping them too?

both companies seem to have financial issues but for whatever reason what we have here are people picking sides because they like sony more than microsoft. that's really what's going on here. it's this constant flip flop that is asinine.

as a consumer what microsoft is doing works out better for consumers in the end because they help fund tomb raider (whether it's with the advertising or distribution) but they are not being greedy and wanting to own the ip like sony wants to all the time. sony wants complete control, so how is this good in the end for the consumer when sony wants to lock down everything? sony is far more interested in their own needs than the gamers needs and that is a fact based on how they go about getting these exclusive deals. it also explains why insomniac left sony, they wanted control of their own ip's and not let sony dictate to them what happens with their games. heavenly sword ia another example. a game just sitting there because sony owns the ip.

funny how sony would rather help fund street fighter v to keep it from coming to other consoles yet close down studios that make games like wipeout.

specialguest1227d ago

This is a huge blow to SF fans who played on Xbox. However, this is business. Will this affect Capcom negatively? Probably only slightly and Capcom will brush it off and carry on.

gatormatt801227d ago


That link is old, outdated, and not accurate anymore.

SFV would not be happening if not for Sony helping fund the game, that is well known. ROTTR was in development well before the timed exclusive announcement. Heck they even announced ROTTR as multiplatform. Remember the trailer with Lara talking to the psychologist?

Nonetheless, I am not a fan of making former lifetime multiplatform games and turning them exclusive. But I will say that I do at least appreciate that Capcom is flat out saying SFV won't be on Xbox. Unlike the tricky, sneaky, and deceiving marketing ploy that MS is initiating with ROTTR.

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Spyroo1228d ago

Nintendo got Capcom exclusive Bayonetta

Microsoft got Capcom exclusive Dead Rising 3

So what if Sony also gets one Capcom exclusive of SFV???

just_sayin1228d ago

Bayonetta belongs to sega not capcom.

iTechHeads1227d ago

Bayonetta has nothing to do with Capcom, that's Platinum games.

Anyway I don't get where all the "double standards" stuff comes from. As you've said yourself Dead Rising 3 is an example of Microsoft doing exactly the same thing here. Titanfall is another.

So if it seems like people are okay with SF V being exclusive on PS4, its because they've been on the other side of this before. Sadly, I don't think its going to change anytime soon. Tomb Raider timed-exclusivity isn't the last we'll see of Microsoft trying to buy their way to success.(They badly needed an Uncharted competitor)

IMO Sony/MS should just stick to the marketing deals, exclusive bundles and timed DLC. Let the public decide where they want to play.

iTechHeads1228d ago

Why does it suck? The game wouldn't have been released at all, or at least anytime soon, if Sony didn't step in and help with development. Capcom isn't exactly swimming in money these days. Have you seen how many remasters they're doing this gen? Talk about desperation.

Bigpappy1227d ago

Not really. I think M$ getting the Tomb Raider deal is mush bigger tbh. This Tomb Raider is looking to be a major turning point in he franchise. Looks like they are putting a lot more creative effort than they did in the reboot. Looks big budget and on a much larger scale.

Spotie1227d ago

... except Tomb Raider is timed exclusive, so it's NOT a "mush" bigger deal.

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lord zaid1228d ago

I speak under correction, but I believe that SFV is only getting made because Sony is co funding it's development. The game wouldn't be getting made at all if Sony were not ponying up the cash to have it made. If those circumstances are strictly true, then this deal does benefit fans because they are getting a sequel that would not have happened otherwise. Does it suck for Xbox fans? Yes. But no more so than it sucked for Sega fans in the 80s and 90s who couldn't play Final Fantasy or Castlevania.

HanCilliers1228d ago

If that's the case, and please link me to a source saying it is, then I understand.

On the other hand, was it really impossible for Capcom to get any funding other than a PS4 exclusive deal?

NewMonday1228d ago

directly from Capcom ".. I can say the relationship with Sony does open doors for things we haven’t been able to do in the past. The relationship serves a gameplay and development purpose, and not just a marketing value"

slappy5081228d ago

if I'm not mistaken this was mentioned on the PSX stage when SFV was officially revealed

Baka-akaB1227d ago (Edited 1227d ago )

It was possible obviously , but unlike other Publishers , Capcom has been claiming they dont have the funds to pursue SFV for at least 2 years now . So there was a precedent

Hints were dropped here and there , besides the official SFV statement that people doubt .

A while ago some producer even said that with the state of Capcom , a sequel (assumingly on their own) wouldnt come out before 2018 ...

aPerson1228d ago (Edited 1228d ago )

"SFV is only getting made because Sony is co funding it's development. The game wouldn't be getting made at all if Sony were not ponying up the cash to have it made."

The fact that you and the people agreeing with you actually believe this is quite sad, really. SF is a cash cow - it would have been made regardless of whether or not it was an exclusive. Capcom can afford the development costs.

Now before I get labelled as a "butthurt Xbox fanboy" (because this is N4G), I will point out that I don't own an X1 and I have no interest in SF.

ShadowWolf7121228d ago

Dude, they were saying no Street Fighter 5 til 2018 at the soonest YEARS before this deal was made. They bumped up the release date big time.

ReconHope1228d ago (Edited 1228d ago ) Straight from the horses mouth. ono-says-no-budget-for-street- fighter-v

G20WLY1227d ago (Edited 1227d ago )

If you "have no interest in SF", why are you here? Did you just come here to fan the flames and get owned by the two people above me?!

Of course, SFV would have been made eventually, but who knows when - or even if - Capcom could have made it? Many of their recent titles have been co-funded, because they are struggling financially. Dead Rising 3 (MS co-funded), Bayonetta 2 (Nintendo co-funded) and SFV (Sony co-funded) is just another example of how their most valued IPs are floundering without outside help.

Does it suck that not everybody gets to play these games? Sure. But is it better that they get made now rather than delayed or, like Bayonetta, possibly canned for lack of funds? Definitely. Ultimately, if you want to play those games, you need to purchase the system developed by the company that stumped up the cash to make them in the first place.

But you don't like SF (apparently...), so I guess you're done here... ;^)

aPerson1227d ago

"If you "have no interest in SF", why are you here? Did you just come here to fan the flames and get owned by the two people above me?!"

Ummm, what? Even if a game doesn't interest me, I'm still interested in other peoples' opinions. Maybe you should grow a thicker skin.

Sorry, but I still don't buy into it. There is only so much Capcom can milk SF IV and there would have been another game in development sooner or later. The article you linked to is from 2013, when Capcom was still focused on milking SF IV (Ultra SF IV was released in 2014).

But like I said - exclusive or not, it doesn't bother me personally. I own a PS4. If I ever want to play the game, I can.

Baka-akaB1227d ago (Edited 1227d ago )

I dont see how it contradicts things ... if anything it line ups with the other elements .

Ono repeated over and over that they didnt have the fund at the time to realise SFV . Producers confirmed it as well . All of that dating back to a time where they were yeah still releasing more SF4 . Why do you think when everyone was gearing up for sequels to their franchise ?

It also lines up with Capcom's lack of effort to expand further Marvel vs Capcom 3 or at least patch it . Even if many of the issues came from licensing .

And now it's a complete stretch , but SFxT was quite a weird beast .. mostly reused assed from SF4 and marvel . The game didnt scream "money" .

SFV would have happen eventually , but when ?

aPerson1227d ago

"SFV would have happen eventually , but when ?"

When people stopped buying IV.

Baka-akaB1227d ago

That already happened . the SF4 saga make substantial extra cash each iteration ... but at least since AE , it has mostly catered to the fanbase that still actively play it , rather than the mainstream public . Even the 3ds version outsold Ultra ...

There is no way they'd keep holding on to that , if they had better choices , when they can sell 2.5-3 millions from a new numbered version instead .

I understand doubting publishers and what they say , but i wouldnt bet on them missing out on money opportunities .

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ZombieDreddZA1228d ago

A little sad to see, but previous games in the series did feature (at least competitively) more on Playstation than Xbox. Might be an attempt to completely bag that part of the market.

Lord-Nicon1228d ago

I beg to disagree, even now, Street Fighter IV es being played profesionally on X360, simply because the PS3 is a little bit laggy when it comes to controls

Angeljuice1227d ago

I can guarantee that SFV won't be played professionally on Microsoft hardware.

Sillicur1228d ago

Sad for xbox fans but good for Sony. They will increase their market lead with this.

Germany71228d ago

Dragon's Dogma 2, another game that i would really like from Capcom.