PlatinumGames opens Scalebound Twitter account

Scalebound is expected to miss this years Electronic Entertainment Expo. Instead, PlatinumGames plans on showcasing Scalebound in Germany at Gamescom.

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marlinfan101276d ago (Edited 1276d ago )

Pretty disappointed they won't be at e3

I read crackdowns being saved for gamescom also. MS must have some big surprises if they're moving 3 of the biggest games out of e3

christocolus1276d ago (Edited 1276d ago )

Quantum Break too. I was also disappointed but then i realized these 3 ips are MS's AAA titles and Fans have been looking forward to them so moving them entirely from E3 means they've got some sort of replacement in place.You don't take out your most anticipated titles if you don't have something even better to announce and their focus on 1st party exclusives at E3 means they've got stuff to announce.

Also,moving their major upcoming AAA titles to Gamescom also kind of makes E3 a lot more interesting now cos besides Halo5, Tomb Raider,Gears &Forza 6 we have no idea what will be shown at MS conference. i reckon rares new game will be unveiled at Gamescom too.

We will know in a few days though.

Septic1276d ago

Wtf? No Scalebound at E3? Wow. They must have a lot of content to show.

My days, if they pad out their show with another 10 minute segment of Call of Duty gameplay I will be livid!

StrayaKNT1276d ago

I'm so dirty it won't be at e3 its one of my most anticipated games

lelo2play1276d ago (Edited 1276d ago )

Microsoft keeping games like Scalebound, Quantum Break, among others, for Gamescom, they better have a one hell of a show for E3... otherwise they are going to get bashed.

I would like a sequel to Lost Odyssey. Make it happen Microsoft! ... please.

Fin_The_Human1276d ago

Lost odessy 2 would make run to the neasrt best buy and buy an Xbox 1.

This games was an unexpected gen for me and enjoyed way more that current final fantasy games.

If it does happen I hope MS contracts MistWalker becuae those guys are the heart and soul of that game.

marlinfan101276d ago

I'm sure theyve got some surprises. They wouldn't move them out of e3 for no reason.

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guyman1276d ago

This just tells me the game was announced far too early. Disappointed, but i'll wait for gamescom

Mikefizzled1276d ago

I maintain that the final segment of Microsoft's E3 2014 conference was announce it for the sake of positive momentum. Crackdoon, Scalebound and Phantom Dust were all announced with CG trailers and we haven't seen anything, excluding the leaked build of Phantom Dust, since they were announced.

hello121276d ago (Edited 1276d ago )

I disagree i think its a strategic move.

Sony has confirmed they will not have a Gamescom conference this year that means Microsoft will have all the gaming headlines around August time. With Halo 5 coming around October momentum for the xbox one brand in Europe and elsewhere is more likely.

Microsoft probably looked at it people know those games are coming why not just keep them for Gamescom it only 7 weeks later.

Microsoft conference likely will be about their 2015 games holiday line up and whats coming in the future. I think new games are likely.

Mikefizzled1276d ago

Whilst my heart is disappointed that they picked my 3 most anticipated games to push into Gamescom it does make sense. Without Sony announcing anything its open season for positive Microsoft press.

Fin_The_Human1276d ago

I seriously think Halo 5 will surpass Halo 3 in every aspect including sales.

Fin_The_Human1276d ago

Guyman i guess u are a glass half empty person.

This good news for reasons people explained above also games con is proven to be a show where more gameplay is shown while e3 is noramlly about cg trailers.

SaveFerris1276d ago

Probably a combination of the games not being ready to show off and not wanting to show everything at once.

jay21276d ago

Ms have serously fed up all halo 5. Cod. Gow remaster etc and the decent games this. Qb. Crackdown etc at ganescom ummmmm

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