"GTA Is Nothing Compared to Titanic," Assassin's Creed Creator Says

"The goal is to someday build the Titanic for games. For that you need characters that are not assassins."

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bixxel1320d ago (Edited 1320d ago )

Wow. Bold statement from a company making very lackluster broken games. Stop bashing on games made by others when you can't make a great game yourself. Prove us that you make great games with Syndicate. Then say this. Else you're just jealous.

GreetingsfromCanada1320d ago

You are a fool, one that has shown the inabibilty to read titles and articles. For starters Patrice hasn't been at Ubisoft since 2013 or worked on Assassin's creed since 2010. Secondly, he was saying games have a way to go before they are as big as movies. He didn't bash GTA and praise Assassin's creed, he said games have a long way to go before they can compete in terms in certain areas.

ShugaCane1320d ago

But why should video games compete with movies ? Both are two different mediums with different purposes and it should stay this way. I don't see the point in constantly comparing the two of them. It's like comparing Music and Painting.

I want my video games to remain video games and my movies to remain movies.

Neither should compete against the other. Let them keep their integrity.

MysticStrummer1320d ago

@Shuga - Titanic was a film that captured the movie going public's interest in a huge way. People felt compelled to see it, even guys who wouldn't normally go see a movie with such heavy emphasis on a romantic story. GTA, as big a seller as it is, still only gets a relatively small portion of gamers to actually buy and play it. The article isn't about trying to make games more like movies, it's just talking about mass appeal. Games and movies have much more in common than music and painting do, no matter how you look at it, but all forms of entertainment compete with each other for the consumer's cash.

ShugaCane1320d ago


"The article isn't about trying to make games more like movies, it's just talking about mass appeal"

I disagree with you. He clearly talks about the nature of video games itself and how it should change/evolve to match movies' appeal. But what I am saying is that videos games should not try to do what movies do. They may be similar in many ways, but they still are two different categories of entertainment with their respective ways of reaching their audience.

Tapani1320d ago (Edited 1320d ago )

Games industry is already bigger than books, movies and music industries combined in monetary terms. GTA and Wii sports are phenomena, not just games. These are already in a sense bigger than Titanic. The problem with the medium lies in its infancy stages presentation and accessibility. If you can look past those, we already have our Titanic and more.

kraenk121320d ago (Edited 1320d ago )

The Last Of Us or The Witcher 3 showed us games can do things far beyond movies already. Movies are not the target of competition to begin with.

nitus101319d ago

Basically Movies are meant to be passively watched while games are meant to be interacted with by the player or players.


Totally agree, well said.


Yes the Movie Titanic did capture the movie going public however it actually was a remake a of the 1958 movie which was the film adaptation of Walter Lord's book A Night to Remember (1955). Basically the popularity of the 1997 movie was IMHO mainly due to the popularity of the two stars at the time.

Like I have previously mentioned before all movies are passive entertainment and nothing will change no matter how often you watch it. Games on the other hand depend on the player(s) skill and/or choices to get to a finial resolution or end and some games can have different endings.

IMHO most people prefer passive entertainment over interactive entertainment.

Making a game based on the Titanic is IMHO rather stupid since we know historically the ship sinks with a considerable loos of life.

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skulz71320d ago (Edited 1320d ago )

Did you even read the article. He created the franchise but left Ubisoft and he even said that the titanic of games should NOT include assassin's.

PlayableGamez1320d ago

Just to note that he is not with Ubisoft anymore. He was fired back in 2013, so I doubt has anything to do with Syndicate.

MoveTheGlow1320d ago

Patrice Desilets basically left as Assassin's Creed was becoming the annualized mess that it is today. He was a risk-taker, while current Ubi runs from risks like they're on fire and infected with Ebola. Current Ubi is why Desilets left the company, and hopefully his work on a new ambitious game will pay off.

brish1320d ago

Does Unity work yet? I'm waiting for it to be playable before considering to purchase it or not.

DragonKnight1320d ago

Yes it does. I personally haven't ever had any actual problems with it, but I have noticed a marked improvement in it regardless.

ChristopherJack1319d ago

I bought it cheap on PS4 with the soul purpose of trading it in to get Witcher 3. One store had a small list of trade 2 particular games, get one of these new ones free.

I actually already owned both games on PC but for unforeseen circumstances I'm no longer able to access my desktop computer so I bought a PS4 in the mean time until I can move out and get another desktop.

TheSaint1319d ago

The Titanic sunk, both as a ship and a movie.

BiggerBoss1319d ago

Isnt the Titanic one of the highest grossing movies ever?

TheSaint1318d ago

@BiggerBoss, Not if you're a male.

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SaveFerris1320d ago

I'm sure I saw a game about the Titanic on Kickstarter recently?

knifefight1320d ago

Because the Titanic sunk and GTA seems to stay afloat?

Peace_Love_and_FPS1320d ago

So.. He means they have to make a city that sinks...

Patrice Atlantis game confirmed! /s

showtimefolks1320d ago

Interesting read but why should gajes be trying to compete with movies? G

Peace_Love_and_FPS1320d ago

Well, in my opinion they have a bigger opportunity than movies. In a game you can immerse yourself so fully, especially now with VR, something movies will never do without subsequently becoming a video game. You are the character, your actions affect everything. If writers for games take that approach, and make it engaging in terms of gameplay, I think video games could one day overshadow movies as not only the popular form of entertainment but the undisputed best.

showtimefolks1320d ago

I agree ganes are just the best way to experience everything. Especially ganes where your choices matter like witcher 3,fallout etc,

Games are not trying to be movies atleast majority of them but movies seem adopt on games

MoveTheGlow1320d ago

It's not a competition, it's an analogue within the medium. Quite like how people were looking for the "Citizen Kane of Games" a couple of years ago, which was a bit of a fool's chore that led to nothing but jokes about it. Titanic makes more sense, though - it was, in the end, a consumer product with a gigantic budget, unlike Kane, which was more like a risky indie work with a small budget and, due to its time, low tech.

bobsmith1320d ago (Edited 1320d ago )

the salt is real lol

that ac sucks and gtas the best