Gamers Step Up to Help Former Xbox LIVE Director Stephen Toulouse's Family be at His Side

A member of the Gaming Community falls ill and gamers around the nation band together to help his family gain the ability to be at his side during a time when family is needed. You can help too.

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Cdn_Seahawks_Fan1320d ago

Pretty amazing how quick they managed to raise the money. Shows you gamers care about those in the gaming community

Digital_Anomaly1320d ago

Personally, I hope they get a lot more. They were hardly greedy in asking for $10,000 as flights and hotels can add up quick. Let's not even consider time away from jobs, possible medical expenses (it is the US after all, shit can clean out a rich man's bank account), and who knows what else.

A little can go a long way! I donated!

Digital_Anomaly1320d ago

What kind of heartless bastard disagrees with helping someone in need?

Oh N4G, don't go changin'.....

generalwinter1320d ago

We need more good news stories like this in gaming!

Mikefizzled1319d ago (Edited 1319d ago )

I hope this is a good news story that has a good resolution. I chipped in £30 when Monty Oum of Roosterteeth fell into a coma. I convinced myself that he was too young to die and that he'd be able to recover. Hopefully Stepto manages to pull through because I'm still deeply saddened by Monty.

kevinsheeks1320d ago

why isn't this at 1000 degrees

TwoForce1320d ago

Someone said : Despite they are your enemy, but sometimes we have to help them even it's tough". After reading this, I'm Playstation fans and I will Support him no matter what.

wraith49121320d ago

Lightin one up for your health, get well soon.

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The story is too old to be commented.