10 3DO Exclusives Every Retrogamer Must Play

Carl Williams writes, "The 3DO was the brainchild of Trip Hawkens whom was able to, somehow, bring together a conglomerate that would make other conglomerates declare that it was huge. See, ole Trip there was also the founder of one of the largest third party developers in the world, Electronic Arts (the Madden guys). This pedigree helped him negotiate some amazing agreements with companies as the 3DO evolved from the “Opera” stages to become the 3DO Interactive Multiplayer (though we never have found out what a “Multiplayer” is). There were many games released for the 3DO, quite a few in fact (over 300 in under three years). This is probably because there was no “real” quality control operation in place and the cost to produce games was reportedly cheap (about $3 per game disc released is allegedly the cost of being a licensee). There were plenty of games for the 3DO, and here I have compiled a list of the ten best, console exclusive, games every retrogaming fan should play."

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Bobby Kotex1224d ago

Had a lot of potential. Just needed support and a lower price.