Shovel Knight will return in Bloodstained

Along with news of a Mighty Gunvolt-styled prequel game, Bloodstained's latest update reveals that Shovel Knight will appear in the title in some capacity.

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Snookies121315d ago

Woo Shovel Knight! Man I want more of that game...

gangsta_red1315d ago

It's an excellent game.

The Battletoad boss fight on Xbox One is absolutely brilliant.

Snookies121315d ago

I should check that out, I loved Battletoads back in the day. I really enjoyed the PS Kratos battle as well. It was really cool of them to add in new battles for both consoles. :]

WizzroSupreme1315d ago

Shovel Knight is the bomb from now 'til eternity. Love seeing him pop up in so much stuff lately.

lizard812881314d ago

There is a 3rd playable character, i'd love Shovel Knight to be it.

Makis_Husbando1314d ago

Lots of crossovers amongst indies and Kickstarters. It feels less unique and interesting each time.